A picture is worth a thousand words. A curved line with one thicker end is a reminder of a famous apparel brand Nike...alphabet V overlapping alphabet L symbolizes the Louis Vuitton brand...blue square with GAP represents Gap... green crocodile is a quick reminder of Lacoste and so on. Logos are a part and parcel of apparel brands. Logos often reassure the customers that what the apparel they are buying is authentic. These act as an initial guarantee of quality of product associated with the brand. In fact, logos have a strong influence on the image of apparel brands. Logos impart a character to the fashion brands and theres always a sense of pride in having a famous monogram on apparel. The unique monogram of fashion brands on clothes, bags and accessories determine the social circle.

The apparel not only serves the purpose of making the wearer look stylish, it also represents the class. Brands draw trademark logos to help mark the individuals sole taste. The role of logos in case of fashion industry has completely altered over time. Unlike earlier, today theres an increased demand to place logos in the garment where they are visible. Thus the quality of the garment and that of the logo has to be thoroughly maintained. The significance of having an apt logo can be comprehended by the fact that one of the apparel giants Gap had to call off its changed logo within a fortnight of its launch, as it attracted some sharp online criticism by customers.

The apparel brand went back to its earlier logo, which has become synonymous to the companys quality clothing. Altering the visual identity of an apparel brand can cost dear to the company. Some of the apparel brands are also ditching their old logos with intension to change the overall brand image. Though a brand is much more than a logo and rebranding involves more than phasing out the logo, but it is pertinent to note that logos determine if the apparel brand is moving with times.

Finding and creating an identity of apparel brand is one of the foremost things that a company must do. One of the trends in logo designing that the top apparel brands have followed is to keep the design consistent and simple over the years. The magnitude of logo in apparel and fashion industry is much higher than the other sectors, as customers are increasingly becoming brand conscious. The logo also helps in improving the profit margin of apparel brands. When the monograms are marketed well, it attracts more customers and reaps huge benefits for the apparel brands. Some leading denim brands have deliberately chosen an all name and no image logo, as it is easy to recognize and remember.