With a New Year right here, we are again at that point of the year when we try to figure out what the next big thing in fashion will be. New fashion collections appear for 2015, like Alexander Wang's, and we all do our best to prepare for a new year of innovation, one that seems to be a lot more interesting than 2014. The fashion world is always evolving. It changes and what is really hot right now will most likely be seen as an old, expired trend tomorrow. Fashion watchers now see the fashion industry practically introducing brand new looks every day to respond to an increase in demands.

The influence of social media

In the past, people were not that aware of trends, and fashion was not as important as it is now. Now, besides reading articles, social networks like Facebook and Twitter make it easy to quickly see fashion show images and videos, changing everything. There is a clear increase in demand and new designers appear, trying to come up with the new look and promoting it further through social media.

Social media also becomes an important medium for the small to medium sized fashion designers and retailers to sell, making it easier to increase profits. People are much more aware of what happens and in 2015 we will see even more traffic revolving around fashion sectors of social networks. We will see new fashion designers who try to use social media and the internet to sell and promote their creations. Becoming a fashion designer has become easy but we will not see many who will gain a lot of attention, although hundreds will most likely try to find their place in the sun.

Nail polish

If you are looking to get into the fashion industry but are not able to hit the design part or the clothes creation process, you may want to consider the nail polish economy. It is expected that 2015 will be a great year for that because there are many beauty buyers who will become self-conscious and will buy nail polish. There is a clear evolution in trends and in complexity when referring to nails. We even see leather nails becoming more attractive.

Temporary tattoos

The fashion accessory we will surely see develop really fast in 2015 is the temporary tattoo. It is quickly becoming a hit on the aisle and on the runway. Very big fashion industry players like Chanel will invest in temporary tattoos as it launches a limited skin art edition.

Faster availability

Big labels are now shortening delays between runway shows and retail. Cavalli Group will surely do this and Burberry already has. This happens because of two reasons. For starters, new looks are introduced more frequently. Also, the evolution of the internet makes it easier for people to see and inevitably want what is offered on the runway. We will see more fashion lines launched in 2015 and a faster availability for all interested buyers.


Shades and colours for 2015

Every fashion lover wants to predict what shades or colours will dominate the wardrobe in the months to come. That is tough to predict but it is expected that see- through material will be really big in 2015. At the same time, we already notice the emergence of figurative patterns and graphics in a combination that is highlighted through the use of vibrant prints and clashing colours. This is seen by many as the hottest fashion trend that will appear in 2015.

Focus will be on cuts, manufacturing techniques, colours and materials. A really strong contrast will appear and there will be a lot of use of shiny surfaces, metallic surfaces, complex materials and edgy shapes. The influence of antique ornaments will be pretty strong in 2015 and there is a possibility that some vintage elements will also be added to the mix as more classic-minded designers are expected to offer more fashion lines, thus allowing for a more complex showing.

Textile fabrics (weaves and knits) with stripes, subdued effects and checks will be seen as a fashion trend in 2015. Jewel tones like electric blue and bottle green will appear as standouts, as compared to the past seasons icy tones. We are basically moving towards a warmer fashion, which is what many expected after the icy, cold 2014.


As always, we do expect to notice new attempts to come up with something that is stunning. As you surely figured out from what was mentioned above, 2015 will be a year of innovation, with many designers emerging and with the well-known players in the industry bringing in more fashion lines. Because of this, we will surely see some fashion lines that will try to bring in something that is completely new. Make sure to subscribe to the big online fashion magazines so that you can see the new fashion lines as they appear. You never know when something stunning hits you. 2015 will be a great year to follow fashion.

About the author:

The author is a frequent contributor and editor for Fashionology Mag and other online fashion publications. He is also a blogger and travel enthusiast.