Organic fabric in heavy, spruced up prints with tarnished, pallid shades define the fabric this year, says Sonam Gupta.


Textiles are the creative centre for every designer, product, trend and home. While it is important to mingle different materials for new combinations, experiments can make or break the creative blueprint. Over the years, a lot of effort has been made to create fashion fabrics that remain eternal. That results in a constant flow of improved fabric.


Textiles are a prerequisite for a variety of home furnishing products like curtains, cushions, cushion covers, table cloths, upholstery, duvets, bed covers, rugs and runners, napkins, towels and other products. Here are five trends to keep an eye on.


1. Trend of Textured, Cotton Yarns

In 2016, special emphasis was on textured fabric. The mere touch of textured textile like Egyptian cotton muslin fabric, cotton linen, cotton silk and cotton modal add grace and dimension to a room. Fabric wall art and interlaced poufs have dominated home decor elements. The feel of the fabric is rich, raw, cosy and skin-friendly while the look is elegant, diverged and earthy. The blend of cotton and silk has been advantageous in the home textile sector considering its rich look and low maintenance requirements. Egyptian cotton and cotton linen are breezy materials, light weight and do not cling. As they appear more crisp than some other fabric, it is easier to portray certain designs on the material. Bedding made out of Egyptian cotton has been fairly popular because of its versatility as a graceful, organic and particularly comfortable fabric.


From curtains and pillows to wall hangings and throws, linen is a boon and will remain in the market for some time.


2. Swirls of blue and purple

Pantone 13-1520 Rose Quartz, a beautiful, light pink shade and Pantone 15-3919 Serenity, a gorgeous shade of light blue and purple have been recognised as the colours of 2016. These stunning shades are the limelight for the home decor segment and have been proficiently incorporated in home decor textiles. These are tranquil, pastel hues that reflect the soft pink dusk over an azure ocean. The delicate tones add panache to the homely setting and tactfully bring out a soothing vibe.


In 2016, home decor textiles generously used these pastel hues and advantageously coupled them with varied accent shades to create multihued patterns. The soft undertones create a cheerful, gentle vibe with a hint of sophistication. Abundantly used in mottled colour schemes, these tints look refined in a framed art decor or in soft furnishings like cushions and rugs with muted sofas or elaborate curtains with add-ons of sheer fabric.


3. Chirpy, convoluted prints take over from subtle ones

Audacious prints and patterns have been in trend for quite some time and will remain in fashion even in 2016. They have ruled the home interior segment and have recreated popular labeled furnishing. From retro prints to cultural patterns, geometric to eccentric, florals, bubbled, chaotic to wavy, anything bold and beautiful can be embellished for a fancy look at homes. Textile prints for home decor have also been adorned in beautiful tropical floral prints as well as small floral prints, especially for bedding, duvets and curtains. From meticulous throwback style textured wallpapers to baskets with arithmetical designs, several type of patterns are lurking around in the market in 2016. Contrasts and combinations of mottled patterns are also being encouraged by experts. Heavy prints have reappeared and are making statements in an assortment of soft furnishing products.


4. The shade of indigo

Indigo is eternal in the textile industry. It looks predominantly attractive when integrated in key furnishings, drapes and wallpapers. From light yarn to intense denim, everything goes in terms of materials. Indigo can be lovely plain or when featured in the most intricate tribal and tie dye patterns. Block printing in Shibori and Dabu fabric coupled with indigo vintage embroidered pattern detailing is hot in 2016. These prints create a traditional, festive look and have been deliberately used on curtains, cushions, rugs and beddings to add charm to home interior decor. The prints have also been widely used in crockery, coasters, wall arts, table mats and fabric frames.


5. Eternal allure of embroidery

Embroidery adds personality and exquisite craftsmanship to home furnishings. This traditional technique is seen everywhere, from wall hangings to throw pillows, and the elevated craft elaborately features interesting designs and botanical scenes. Pairing needlework with timber creates a pastoral look and goes beyond classy. On the other hand, embroidery with metals and other modern elements introduces a refreshingly innovative look in the room.


About the author:

Sonam Gupta is Design Head at Tangerine. She is a textile design graduate from the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad and a fashion design graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology. She has more than 6 years of experience in this industry.