SBS Zipper gives a glimpse of an array of different zippers to choose from based on its application.


A zipper is generally used to close or fasten a bag or a piece of clothing. The basic elements of a zipper are the stringer (the tape and teeth assembly that makes up one side of a zipper), the slider (opens and closes the zipper), tab (pulled to move the slider), and stops (prevent the slider from leaving the chain and it can be divided into top stop and bottom stop).

Zipper consists of two rows of teeth, which links the rows that carries tens to hundreds of specially shaped metal or plastic teeth. If you are working with zippers, it is common to hear terms such as #3, #4, #5 and so on. These numbers indicate the zipper size (gauge). As the number increases, size of the teeth also increases. Calculation of zipper gauge is done by measuring the zipper teeth horizontally, with the zipper closed.


Zippers can be classified on the basis of their types, styles, fabrication, colours and the material used among others. There are various kinds of zippers available in the market such as coil zippers, invisible zippers, metal zippers, plastic-moulded zippers, open-end and closed-end zippers. These zipper types have a number of applications. Each zipper kind is unique and has its own application, such as in bags, handbags, suit cases and apparels.


Coil zippers

These zippers are also known as nylon coil zippers. As the name suggests, there is a nylon monofilament that is "coiled" to form the teeth. Teeth of the zippers that are sewn onto the tape are extruded plastic. These nylon coil zippers that are in flexible in nature are available in a variety of sizes. Such zippers are usually used in tents, backpacks, suit cases and camping apparels. Nylon coil zippers are the zippers of choice for the outdoor and luggage industry. One of the distinct features of nylon coil zippers is that, the sliders can be put on both the side of the zipper chain. If the front side of the zipper shows the teeth with the slide and the pull, then it is the basic one. Apart from this, there are also the reverse coil zippers and reversible coil zippers. The difference between a reverse and reversible coil zipper is that reverse coil zipper doesn't show its teeth from the front, while a reversible coil zipper can be operated from both sides.


Metal zippers

These zippers are available in various sizes and are also made of various kinds of metal such as brass, nickel, gun metal and aluminium. The metal usage depends on the requirement of the industry making the final product. Metal zippers are ideal for use in leather jackets, jeans, coveralls and bags. The zippers used in denimwear are made up of brass to withstand the brutal washes. Within the category of metal zippers, there are also luxury zippers, which most often have a high polish and high shine to them. They have gone through more processing to get the smooth finish that elevates the design. Steel zippers are also coated with brass or zinc, or even painted to match the colour of the garment.


Plastic zippers

Plastic moulded zippers are made from an acetal polymer that is extruded through a mould to shape the teeth. The teeth are perfectly symmetrical which means that the slider for plastic moulded zippers can run in either direction. Plastic moulded zippers are pretty versatile. They are mostly used in apparel and handbags.


Open End Zips

These zips are the ones that open fully so that the two sides of the zip separate from each other. For example, these may be used on a jacket or cardigan it can be opened all the way.


Closed End Zips

These zips have a stopper on the end to stop the zip pull opening fully. For example these may be used on a dress where you only need a partial opening.

With the rise in demand for apparels, accessories and bags, zipper, that started off as a novelty has become a necessity today. It has become a part of our daily lives. The need of zippers seems to be long-termed and it is also used by people across the globe. 

China, Bangladesh and India are the major zipper manufacturing countries in Southeast Asia. We are very proud to be the largest zipper supplier in China.