It is not easy buying the suitable zipper for your product, especially when thereare a variety of zippers available in the marketSBS Zipper

Zippers are used world-wide. Chances are high that you use zippers more often. Zippers are installed on a number of products ranging from clothing, outdoor to vehicle-related items. Though ignored by many, zippers that are usually made of fabric, plastic, metal or the combination of these three materials are very important item in the sewing and fashion industry. However, the number of zipper malfunctions is also high. Hence, it becomes even more important to insert appropriate zipper in products. This is possible only when the manufacturer is familiar with zipper kinds available in the market.

SBS Zipper supplies a variety of zipper products and accessories. Zippers come in various styles, colours and sizes. Selection depends on your requirement. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to shop for zippers that suit your need. Hence, it is essential that you keep in mind the following points before you purchase zippers. 

  • A wide range of zippers are available in the market. As a manufacturer, it is advisable that you know about all these kinds and also are aware of its utility. One zipper may be aptly suited for a particular product than the other, so taking into consideration various elements such as its tooth style, weight, length, etc will help the buyer. For example, interlocking teeth are made of either metal or plastic mold. Metal zippers are mainly used in jeans whereas plastic ones are common in sportswear, sports bags, and robes. 

  • Different kinds of sliders are available, such as non-lock, auto-lock, semi-auto lock, pin lock, etc. When shopping for zippers, it is important to keep in mind the purpose for buying the zipper and then purchase the suitable slider style.

  • Always prefer sustainable shopping. This concept is about purchasing while taking into consideration various social, environmental, financial and performance factors. This kind of purchasing requires the buyer to know the reasons for buying the products or services. Reusing items such as zippers have least environment impact, but there can be issues with quality, durability and strength. 

  • Buyers have to be extremely careful while purchasing zippers in bulk. If you are choosing a zipper made from metal, always take into consideration the material used in construction and finish, as rust will cause the zipper to malfunction. Similarly, the teeth that are made from moulded high-performance resin are individually injected and fused directly onto the zipper tape. Plastic teeth that are extremely durable and flexible are ideal for heavier garments and outdoor applications.