Zippers that have teeth hidden behind the tape are invisible zippers. They are considered to be one of the good looking zippers and a blessing in disguise as here the stitching is also not visible from the front side of the garments or other items.

Invisible zippers are also known as concealed zippers. These zippers are common in skirts and dresses as its colour matches with that of the tape, slider as well as the puller.

There are two types of invisible zippers: invisible zipper and invisible identical zipper. Invisible zipper is sewn till the seam of a clothing to project a neat finish while invisible identical zipper works like a nylon coil zipper which is backward oriented to give an invisible look. Such zippers are used commonly in products where there is a scope for larger guage.

Invisible zippers are definitely a boon for sewers. Installing invisible zippers in garments will make you look good and professional. Women in particular feel confident while flaunting their designer dress that come in various styles, fabrics and sewing methods if the clothing line has invisible zipper.

However, installing invisible zippers can be a daunting task. Even the experienced sewers sometimes install it the wrong way. We will help you out with the guide for effort-less installation and application of invisible zippers. You can also visit for any clarification required.

Following are the essential items required for easy installation of invisible zippers:


*zipper foot



*invisible zipper foot


*invisible zippers

The sewer has to be cautious with the installation and application of invisible zippers especially due to their unique designs.

Always be careful while installing invisible zippers on double-layered clothing whose layer has residual thread as it will increase the risk of fabric getting caught in slider's internal cavity. In such cases if the slider is pulled by extreme force, zipper teeth will be damaged. In order to avoid such a situation, always pull the slider backwards very lightly.

The joints in the clothing are generally thick due to the folding of the fabrics and poor sewing will also become an obstacle for the sliding track, making the use of zipper difficult. It is important that a proper distance is maintained between the seam line and the zipper chain.

If the seam line is not sewn at the proper place, the placement of zipper is also bound to get affected. In order to insert the zipper in perfect alignment, place the zipper teeth with specialised invisible zipper presser foot and stitch the zipper till the presser foot arrives at the zipper stop.

It sometimes happens that it becomes difficult to operate the slider as the stitch gets extremely close to the zipper teeth while installing the invisible zipper as the thread remains in the zipper chain. Specialised zipper presser foot will help remove the residual thread.