Check your wardrobe...What do you see? Chances are, your favourite bag, your incredibly chic biker jacket and your super comfy denims, will hog the limelight amid other clothes and accessories. Now, what do all these have in common? Apart from making you look perfect, your bag, jacket and denims have another common factor - they all have Zippers!


Though, zipper does not necessarily catch your attention, but once it is damaged, it definitely sets the alarm bells ringing. Zipper problems can spoil your favourite piece of clothing or accessory. While one of the ways is to replace the old non-functional zipper, resolving zipper problems at home is as easy as ABC! Here are some ways to fix zipper:


1. It's stuck

A stuck zipper refuses to move from its place, but there is no way this cannot be sorted out easily. A graphite pencil will do the trick. Rub the graphite pencil tip on the zipper's teeth. Pull the zipper up and down again and it should be good to go. Graphite pencil can also help when the zipper opens after it is zipped up by lubricating the teeth. A lubricant like a lip balm, olive oil or soap bar can also help unstuck the zipper especially when it is entangled in the fabric. Apply any of these lubricants on the zipper's teeth with the help of a q-tip. When applying a lip balm, do not forget to check its colour. A nude colour lip balm will help unstuck the zipper without staining clothes.


2. It slides open

If the zipper refuses to stay up, it can lead to some awkward situation. A simple solution to this problem is to attach a key ring to the zipper pull. After this step, hook the ring on the denim button. A rubber band can also serve the purpose. As compared to the key ring, a rubber band will provide flexibility.


3. It's broken

When the zipper pull breaks, sliding the zip becomes difficult. It is a cumbersome task to zip the zipper up when the pull breaks off. Fixing a broken zipper pull is an easy trick. A paperclip can be used as zipper pull. In this case, key ring and a telephone wire connector can also work. Simply slide any of these items to the slider and new zipper pull is ready.


4. It's misaligned

If there is a thread or piece of a cloth stuck in the zipper it will interfere with the proper closure of teeth. Check for threads or fabric stuck in the zipper, if you do not find any, then check individual teeth. If teeth of zipper are stuck out then simply straighten out with pliers. If the zipper continues to concern you, take a look at the slider. With regular use, slider loosens a bit. Use pliers to tighten the slider and align it properly.