Proper maintenance is essential for prolonged functioning of clothing accessories. Even zippers require good nursing to work efficiently for a long time.


Zippers form an essential part in any commodity. Faulty zips in bags or clothing can ruin its charm and will also nullify its utility. Like most accessories, the durability of zippers will increase with regular cleaning and maintenance.


If the zippers are not handled carefully, they might break very easily. Replacement of zipper is also not that easy. Simple maintenance can provide efficient and flawless functioning of zipper for quite a long time.


It has been noticed that there is no trouble in the functioning of new zippers. Frequent usage causes wear and tear to the zipper. Corrosion takes place due to daily use and washing.


Following are the steps for proper working of zippers for a long time:


*       Overstuffing the package will increase pressure on zippers, which will result in damage. Never exert force on the zipper. If there is difficulty in closing the overloaded bag, always try to adjust the materials than applying pressure on the zippers. While dealing with zippers, always be as patient as possible. The problem can worsen if force is exerted to pull out the materials stuck in the zipper. You have to be more careful while dealing with silent zippers as it has worse leverage than those with metal pull tabs.


*     Zippers tend to get dirty easily. However, it is not at all difficult to clean them. Wash the zippers with water and soap to remove the sand, dirt and salt deposits in the zippers. Always ensure that you properly remove off the dirt from the zippers as it will obstruct the zipper movement. Also, always soak zippers in fresh water after exposure to salt water or to sea air.


*       Lubrication at regular intervals will ensure the stability of zippers. Always clean the zipper before application of lubricants for smooth movement. Lubrication on all types of zips is possible with various materials such as soaps, wax, chapstick, graphite, wax paper, etc. Soap is the cheapest and easily available lubricant. Just take a soap bar and rub it on the inside and outside of a closed zipper for easy motion. The process of lubricating the zipper is same with other materials.


*   Ironing the zippers is also a task. You have to adjust the temperature according to the type of zips. As a thumb rule, always iron with the proper heat that is suitable for the fabric or cloth that is being ironed. This is also applicable to zippers. Make sure that you know the kind of material that your zipper is made of, so that the right level of heat can be used.


The gentler you are with zippers; higher are the chances for its smooth operation for a longer duration. Rough use of zippers can land you in trouble. If the zipper problem is not easy to deal with, always approach the tailor or the retailers for proper management.