When we talk about sewing any zipper, the essential component needed for sewing them would be the zipper foot. It usually comes along with the sewing machine as it averts the needle from sewing over the teeth of the zipper.


There are mainly three types of zipper foot, all of them featuring a notch or two. These notches allow the needle of the sewing machine to get closer to the zipper teeth that give a clean appearance with better quality look to the sewed fabric.


The basic types of zipper foot are: standard zipper foot, invisible zipper foot and adjustable zipper foot.


1. Standard zipper foot generally comes with sewing machine, having two notches on each of its side. This allows the user to use it either from left or right hand. This type is used for a regular zipper, since its teeth are visible from outside. They are commonly used for sewing men's trousers, toys, bags and also the home accessories.


2. Invisible zipper foot is not meant for multipurpose use as it can only be used for stitching an invisible zipper. This foot has a hole in its centre that allows smooth stitching line. The needle position of the sewing machine would also have to be adjusted to the central needle position.


As the name suggests, invisible zippers are amongst the best looking zipper due to its invisible characteristics. They are ideal for womenswear as they create an illusion of its nihility. They are widely used by the garment manufacturers as these zippers can be easily installed and provide cleaned professional look to the fabric. Standard zipper foot for stitching this kind of zipper will not give the concealed look to a fabric as that of invisible zipper foot.


SBS offers two different types of tapes for the invisible zipper: lace tape and normal tape. Since the invisible zipper conceals the open parts, it can be used in preparing formal dresses and jackets.


3. Adjustable zipper foot are the most versatile one amongst all the zipper feet available, as they can be used to sew both regular as well as invisible zippers. The foot of this zipper can be placed to the left or right side and can also be utilised for topstitching purpose. It can be used for piping purpose also, as creating stitches very much close to piping can be made possible with this type. This indeed forms a narrow and clean stitching line. The edge of the foot is used to flatten zipper's feet while sewing the invisible zipper.


Use of right type of zipper foot for zipper can easily differentiate a better made piece of garment to the one which is prepared sloppily. Standard zipper can be a better option to begin with for a beginner to attach the zipper. But can be experimented with other types of zippers and also the zipper feet after certain experience.


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