Any piece of clothing or accessorythat has a zipper on it, will be valuable only till its zipper functionsproperly. A stuck zipper or a broken pull tab only spoils the entire apparel oraccessory. It is extremely critical to recognise that zipper problemsafflicting the apparel or accessory can point out negligence on the part of themanufacturer. Also, the client will definitely make complaints about the wholegarment even if the problem is caused by the zipper alone. Thus, it isimperative to use zippers that have been put to stringent tests.


In fact, there are various teststo evaluate the utility and quality of zippers. As these tests areinterconnected, more than often, a zipper goes through multiple tests for acomprehensive evaluation.


At SBS, it is crucial that eachand every zipper is superior in quality, and demonstrates the highest standardsfollowed by the organisation.


Here's a peek into quality controlmeasures of sbszippers.


1.Evaluating the size

Yes, there are different sizes,and it is essential to know which size will be perfect for the client. An errorin size can render an entire garment worthless. SBS Zipper ensures that eachzipper manufactured is flawless in all respect. The size of a zipper has to beaccurate. Though, according to acceptable quality standards sizes that areapproximately close to the required size range are considered good enough, SBSensures that it provides the exact size that the client orders.


2.Assessing the strength

Consistent quality is a must toensure that each zipper is strong enough to qualify as a quality product.Zippers of regular garments are different from the heavy duty zippers used inbags, jackets, etc. with regard to strength. It is, however, a pre-requisite ofa good zipper to make it through strength test. At SBS a tensile testingmachine is used to examine strength of a zipper. As part of strength test, azipper tooth is attached to a hook and with a machine's help force is appliedto the tooth till it breaks. A gauge then calculates the breaking point. Apartfrom the teeth, entire zipper also goes through similar assessment. A testingmachine is connected to the zipper on both sides and force is applied till ittears apart. SBS Zipper also ensures that heavy duty zippers have higherstrength value than the regular zippers.


3.Testing flatness

A gauge is placed at a set heightthrough which zipper is passed; a flawless zipper will not touch any part ofthe gauge whereas a defective zipper will touch the gauge. An ideal zipper mustalso not curve when it is properly positioned on a straight edge. Consideringthe highest quality standard that SBS follows, the defective pieces arediscarded.


4. Effortless functioning

Regular zippers used in garments need a low force to zip as against the heavy duty zippers hat need a high force. SBS Zipper makes certain that an average strength person must be able to easily zip the zipper without damaging the fabric. A tensile testing machine evaluates the force necessary to zip a zipper up and down. A good quality zipper will zip up and down with ease.


5. Withstanding machine wash

A superior quality zipper must withstand washing machine wash. SBS Zipper tests zippers by washing them in machine with hot water and other abrasive conditions, like using bleach. A zipper must not shrink and should also have a colourfast material so that surrounding fabric is not spoiled. In order to ensure that zipper is free of any shrinkage, length of zipper is tested after several washes. SBS controls light weight zipper shrinkage between 1 per cent and 4 per cent and always tries to ensure that there is no shrinkage with regard to heavy zippers.