Zippers are an invention that is used to protect and close the edges of two material pieces, commonly textiles. Usually, difference between zippers can be known from the teeth and their application.

However, there might have been various instances where you would have got confused just by looking at a catalogue, with the zipper design available in a wide range of colours, shapes, functionality, etc. Chances are high that you get perplexed and it is difficult to get zippers that match your requirements if it is your first experience of buying zippers.


Having basic understanding of the design and functioning of zippers will help you make wise decisions. In this post, we would like to share 3 types of zippers whose designs and functionalities might confuse you easily at first glance.

  •          Reverse Coil Zipper

  •          Concealed Zipper

  •          Reversible Zipper


Reverse Coil Zipper

Identification of a basic or a reverse zipper is easy. It is a regular coil zipper if the front side of the zipper together with its teeth, slider and puller are visible. However, if the coil is on the side of zipper with the slider performing on the flatter side, then it is a reverse coil zipper. Stitches on the reverse coil zippers are visible from the front side. These zippers are extremely useful for waterproof functionalities with the involvement of PVC or rubber coating.


Concealed zipper

In this category of zippers, teeth are hidden behind the tape. Concealed zippers are also known as invisible zippers. These zippers are the best and elegant looking ones as they are not visible except for the pull tab. Most of the times, light fabrics are used on the zipper tape instead of the usual heavy woven fabrics.

Concealed zippers are very easy to insert and the stitching is also done from the inner side. Such zippers are widely used in skirts and dresses. Here, colour of the tape matches with the garment and even the slider and puller. The use of concealed zippers has also begun by the military and emergency agencies.


Reversible zipper

There is a huge difference between reverse and reversible zippers. Operation is smoother with reversible zipper as it can be operated from both the sides. Its pull tab has the ability to flip to the other side of the slider along the rotating rail. These zippers are great for reversible projects.



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