SBS Zipper was established in 1984 and has grown to become China's biggest zipper manufacturer over the years. From sports apparel to high-end fashion items, SBS zippers are used by an increasing number of manufacturers worldwide.

Due to our rapid growth on the global market, many customers are interested to find out more about us. If you are interested to find out what others say about SBS zippers, take a look at some of the reviews and figures found over the internet.

UK's Independent newspaper reports that SBS Zipper, a relative newcomer to the market, "has become a major worldwide force by selling affordable zippers to mass-market brands like North Face, H&M and Mango." It points out that SBS Zipper, in particular, is currently one of the two leading contenders for "international zipper domination."

In the Business of Fashion, Edwin Jiang points out that SBS "has found success in the global middle market -- the most lucrative segment largely due to the sheer scale of production -- amassing an expansive list of clients including Mango, the North Face, H&M and Target."

You can see more SBS Zipper reviews on the French newspaper Les Echos, Digital Journal, etc. Merchandise manufactured by brands like Adidas, Jansport, Decathlon, etc. are increasingly being graced by SBS label. High-end brands like Giorgio Armani are also becoming much more interested in SBS zippers and the excellent price/quality ratio that we offer.

Apart from the interest big fashion brands have taken in SBS zippers, there has also been an increasing interest in individual SBS zipper purchases online through retailers such as Amazon and AliExpress. Customers tend to leave stellar reviews. One Amazon customer puts it "Good range of colours, very good price and excellent quality. So useful to have a good variety of zips around if you regularly sew or alter." Another anonymous customer comments "I think these zips are great! So many awesome colours that I can put to good use for when I make my own clothes Overall a good selection of zips and I will be ordering more in different lengths."

SBS Zipper has been listed as one of the key and niche suppliers in the global zipper industry, and rated as the Top 10 Chinse Zipper Brand throughout these years. SBS zippers are also increasingly found on most top 10 listed items. On one Ezvid Wiki list, the second best rated gym bag has "a high quality smooth SBS zipper." On one Alltopbrand list, the first best rated backpack sports a durable two way abrasion resistant SBS metal Zipper. Also, out of the 10 best shoulder backpacks on one bestbrandreviews list, SBS zippers can be found on three different items. Abrasion resistant quality and ease of use has made many gym and backpack manufacturers eager to use our zippers on their products.


Finally, whatever the product, SBS zippers are getting rave reviews from a range of end-use customers, who report that our zippers do an excellent job of safely and securely fastening their belongings, ranging from bags to daily items. See two of the examples listed below.

The famous Seishin bag, a bag especially designed for the Karate lifestyle, sports quality tested SBS zippers which customers have only good things to say about. Customer Kanta L. on the Seishin website reports "The Seishin Bag, very well made, looks like it'll outlive me. Just about the perfect size, many useful pockets, and a very cool zip." Stefan F. also comments "Nice shape, cool ziplock (huge!!)". One Amazon customer states that the MIER cooler bag has a lid that "zips open and it is a strong zip too."

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