Electroplating is not as easy as it seems. Though based on various technologies and sciences, it is an art as well.

Electroplating is the process of applying metallic coatings to metals or other conductive surfaces with electrochemical processes. It uses electricity to lower the dissolved metal cations to form a thin metal coating on the electrode.

The process involved in electroplating is electrode position. The portion that will be subjected to plating is the cathode while the metal to be plated on the desired portion is the anode. The solution known as electrolyte contains more than one dissolved metals salts along with different ions that allow the passage of electricity. The ions then attach themselves to the cathode and form a thin layer of coating on the item.

Electroplating has been commonly used in various industries in order to coat various metal objects with a fine layer of metals. It is a process that has the ability to change the physical, mechanical and chemical qualities of an item.

A number of items such as electrical wires, jewelry and industrial tools among others use electroplating. Electroplating is majorly used to adjust the surface properties of an object which also helps make the items last for a longer duration. Further, electroplating also prolongs the life of a product by protecting them from damage when dropped or struck, prevents corrosion and improves the appearance of the plated piece.

For objects such as zippers that are subject to normal wear and tear, electroplating helps to reduce the damage caused due to daily rough use. Electroplating can make the metals look more valuable by making it look more attractive by adding shine and glitter to zippers.

In order to protect the zippers from normal corrosion and daily wear and tear, they are plated with a fine coat of metal like nickel or chromium. Electroplating zippers with nickel also protects them in extreme climatic conditions. For zipper teeth which feature a complex shape, the electroplating process is carried out on a conveyor belt.

Of the various methods of plating, barrel and rack plating are the most preferred ones among us zipper manufacturers due to their efficiency and economical cost. Zipper pullers and sliders are generally electroplated with barrel and rack plating methods as these methods can contain zipper parts in large quantity at one time.


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