With increasing awareness of fashion in the footwear industry, there has been rise in demand for the zippers as indispensable accessories in shoes.

But which one to choose while deciding on the footwear?

Ranging from size, weight, colour and many more, there are innumerable types of zips available in the market. Majorly, it is the metal zips and coil zips that are widely used in the footwear industry.

Metal zips are available in various finishes and gauges. They provide high polish and shine to the footwear along with calm and decent look. Over the years, metal zips have undergone different processing methods for smooth finished look. They are highly recommended for the applications that require decorative purposes. Many of the renowned fashion weeks as well as street styles have extensively used such decorative metal zips for the shoe collection which indeed have led to an impressive fashion statement.

As the name suggests, coil zips are made of nylon filament that is coiled, forming the teeth, which are then sewn onto the tapes. They are beneficial as they can be repaired easily when a tooth is misaligned. The filament of the coil can correct itself by simple sliding up and down the malfunction place and the misaligned tooth can be fixed easily. Due to such reasons, coil zips are highly durable and suitable for practical designs, subjected to their strength. Apart from being durable, they are extremely lightweight.

SBS zipper has developed a line of zippers, mainly for the footwear industry that includes both metal zips as well as coil zips. Our metal zips come in various sizes and finishes while our coil zips are available in different sizes and tape width, dependent upon the intended usage and purposes. Besides this, we also provide custom zips. Contact us should you require any further assistance.


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