The essential component needed for making plastic zippers is polyoxymethylene (POM), which is a type of thermoplastic used in precision parts that need better stiffness, dimensional stability and low friction. Due to the properties of POM, plastic zippers are widely used where impressive durability, rigidity with resistance to wear-and-tear as well as electrical insulating performance are much required.

Being a plastic zipper manufacturer and provider, SBS Zipper supplies numerous types of plastic zippers with customised services to suffice the increase in demand and type of requirement by the customers across the globe. These zippers are available with different structures, dimensions and colour having various teeth also for better performance such as S Teeth, lustre teeth, trajectory teeth, skull shape teeth, sagittate teeth to name a few.

Here, we will discuss on some of the tips for purchasing plastic zippers, if buying for the first time.

1. Usage

The performance of the zipper mainly relies on its end-use. Plastic zippers are mainly used in the apparel industry ranging from sportswear, casual clothing, and jackets to denims. It is also widely applicable in making bags and luggage sufficing the outdoor purpose as well.

2. Type

Depending on the function of the zipper, plastic zippers are categorised into closed end, two way closed end, open end and tw0 way open end. The two way zipper design is appropriate for the projects that need sliders to function from both the sides.

3. Size

Based on the size of the zipper, plastic zippers are generally available in 3#/4#, 5#/8#/10#. Basically, the zipper size can be found from the back of the zipper slider that is installed on a finished zipper. But SBS zipper provides 20# and 30# plastic zippers for the assignment which needs large sized zipper teeth. However, these large sized zippers are currently available only in zipper chain.

4. Tape

There are different types of tapes for plastic zippers, including mixed colour-tape, polyester fibre tape, etc. The mixed-colour tape, which is prepared with the coloured thread is widely used in projects having decorative and artistic appeal, while the polyester fibre tape is used for the standard plastic zippers.

5. Zipper slider

Here, based on the end-use of the product or the preference of the customers, the sliders are actually processed by either using spray painting technique or electroplating method. The inner cavity of the electroplated slider is rough that might lead to damaging the teeth of the zipper when the slider is moved up and down, while the spray painted slider is smoother on the surface. Thus, it is the spray painted one which is recommended the most for plastic zippers.


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