The testing standard for zippers differs not only from country to country but also from customer to customer. Here we will discuss on the renowned testing methods commonly accredited in the global zipper industry.

Some of the internationally acknowledged testing organisations are:

1. Intertek Testing Services (ITS)

2. TUV Rheinland (TUV)

3. Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS)

4. Municipal Testing Laboratory (MTL)

5. Oeko- Tex


In the US, it is the ASTM International that forms and publishes technical standards for numerous materials, systems, services along with products.


BS in UK

In UK, the standard testing method followed is BS3084. BS system is different from ASTM. BS gives importance not only to the testing method but also the quality needs whereas ASTM emphasis only on the testing method.



DIN in Germany


JIS in Japan

JIS3015/JIS testing standard is applicable in Japan.


Basically, there are 2 kinds of standards used in the zipper industry in China that are formed of National Standard and Industry Standard.


SBS Zipper has been the largest Chinese zipper company since 1984. We play a vital role in the domestic zipper industry, acknowledged as a group leader in the formation of the National and Industry Standards for zippers.

We have already passed significant certification needed from various globally recognised firms such as ISO 14000, ISO9000, Bluesign to Oeko-Tex. Despite having passed through renowned testing standards for the zipper industry across the globe, we have also set up our own product standards as per the testing standards that are accredited worldwide, such as ASTM, BS3084, DIN3416, JIS3015 and many more.