Different types of zippers are used for manufacturing various goods. Despite various materials like plastic, metal, coil and many more being used in their production, the main purpose of zippers to fasten items remains the same. However, it is must to keep in the mind the application of zippers before purchasing.

We will discuss the differences between finished zippers and chain zippers and the applications they are suitable for through this article.

What is the major difference between finished zippers & zipper chains?

It is the length that distinguishes both types.

  •          Finished zippers are prepared with specific lengths, with various components installed.

  •       Zipper chains are generally available in long lengths with continuous coils, coming without the regular zipper sliders and stoppers. They can be customised into various lengths as per your needs.

Finished zippers are the best option when ready-made or custom-made zipper lengths are needed. But zipper chains are sold on the basis of yard. They are more applicable for the items that demand long-length zippers, such as in home textiles like pillows, upholstery, cushions, etc. or the apparel wherein various zipper lengths are needed.

You must be very careful with the zipper chains in case you don't buy the sliders from the same zipper company like SBS Zipper, since plastic, metal and coil sliders are different from each other. Sliders prepared for metal zippers cannot be applied to the plastic or coil zippers and vice versa, which can lead to the malfunctioning of zippers.

How to classify finished zippers & zipper chains?

Both finished zippers as well as zipper chains come in different varieties, covering plastic, metal or coil materials, depending on the items they are attached to. For example, metal zippers are the best option for certain footwear and handbags while plastic zippers are a better choice for some raincoats or jackets. Coil zippers are widely used in apparels like skirts and blouses.

In addition to the classification based on the manufacturing materials, finished zippers are also available in 2 different types:

1. Open end zipper

2. Close end zipper

It is the open end zippers that are most appropriate for applications where complete separation is needed between the two zipper halves, for example, sweaters, jackets, etc. While close end zippers are used in the applications where partial opening is required such as handbags, suitcases, footwear and many more.


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