Metal zippers that can be used for the pockets and plackets are most preferred by the jeans industry. However, use of these zippers in a proper way is essential; else it might have an adverse effect, which is not desired.

Here, we will share 3 important guidelines to follow while you are using metal zippers for jeans to ensure their longevity and sound performance.

Guideline 1: Superior Fabric Treatment

Budding Problems

The chemical deposits in the fabrics that are introduced in the dyeing and finishing process would react with the surface of the copper alloy easily. If these fabrics are not fully cleansed prior to the installation of zippers, there would be an oxidation reaction resulting into colour change of the zipper surface after the jeans are washed.


It is always preferred to wrap the zipper with cloth and begin a sample test through the simulated washing environment. If any mark unexpected is seen at the place of the fabric where it encounters the teeth of the zipper, then it is recommended to get the fabric cleansed and dried prior to tailoring. The same process applies if any colour change is observed on the surface of the zipper.

Guideline 2: Special Washing Techniques

Budding Problems

Copper alloys react easily with such external chemicals that follow the chemical reprocessing treatment (including dyeing and bleaching among others) that is applied to the fabrics along with the zippers attached.


It is recommended to perform a sample test when a specific washing process is involved in the post-treatment applied to the jeans. If any undesired change occurs during the process, then wrap the surface of the zipper to protect the metal components before washing.

Guideline 3: Washing Process

Budding Problems

The washing process in the industry handles lots of jeans simultaneously, resulting in torque between the items involved. The zipper teeth and slider would be then subjected to the undue external force which could lead the teeth elements to fall of the zipper.


Always close the zippers completely before washing.

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