Zippers are the most randomly used as closing application for various items such as purses, jeans, backpacks etc.

Nowadays, customized zipper pulls have also become an opportunity for manufacturers to show off their creativity and their level of market awareness. There is also a rise in the demand for custom-made zipper pulls.

You can easily get pulls of your preference for any product. However, there are some important factors that are to be considered.

What items will the zippers be sewn onto?

Each kind of zipper pull has a different application based on the material. Metal zipper pulls are the most commonly used ones for many items; however these kinds are not preferred for a light attachment. For kidswear, one should avoid using such zipper pulls that can be torn off and swallowed easily.

What type of zipper will the pulls be attached to?

Zippers come in various patterns and materials, it is important to select those pulls that can be attached to them. There are some pulls that are apt for metal zippers, while some are suitable for nylon or plastic zippers only. Concealed zippers for ladieswear use small-sized pulls for elegant look while other types of zippers could be paired up with more pull varieties.

Do you prefer decorative or utilitarian function?

Zippers are no longer elements to fasten items; they have now become fashion symbols. Some zipper pulls are designed for enabling the users to operate the items they are attached to more easily while other pulls are supposed to make a fashion statement-such designer zippers used in garments, backpacks, footwear, handbags or even purses that are flaunted royally in particular.

Based on your requirement, SBS zipper will manufacture pulls in custom designs, materials, techniques, colours, shapes, logos, etc. You could also provide your design draft if necessary.