Not only in apparel, but zippers are commonly used as fastening materials in various other industries such as footwear, luggage, outdoor, sports and automotive among others. With a prosperous future for these industries, the market for zippers will hardly fall as they have indispensable application in these areas.

The report for Global Zipper Market by Market Research Future says that the global zipper market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.3 per cent after 2022. The report consists of data obtained from the analysis of information shared by industry experts and opinion leaders. It gives a clear idea of the existing scenario of the zipper market while talking about its sales during the forecast period.

The growth of zipper industry is directly associated with the development and performance of various industries such as the textiles, automobiles, sports, fashion, footwear etc.

Based on the report:

--Demand for any product is directly related with the consumer's lifestyle and disposable income. Same is the case with zippers as they are an integral part of the items used by people in their daily life.

--The textile industry is growing at a tremendous rate. This also leads to the development of tertiary segments associated with the textile industry, like zippers.

--Increase in fashion and brand conscious population is a boost for the growth in the zipper market. With the ongoing trend in the market, it has been found that custom zippers have become a style quotient.

--Strong automobile production in the third world countries will also be a boom for the zipper industry.

--Rise in population is also a contributing factor in the growth of the zipper industry.

During the research, it was found that the demand of plastic zippers is gaining momentum in the global zipper market due to their cheaper price when compared with metal zippers. Asia Pacific region is expected to account for the maximum market proportion during the period forecasted.