From Kendall Jenner to Bella Hadid, several celebs have mastered the art of wearing leggings and making casual look chic.

Leggings have played a prominent role in women's wardrobes. The legging trend is not going away any time soon. However, there are trends within this trend you need to look out for. It is the micro trends that have received immense hype.

Want to take this stretchy style for a spin beyond the gym? Here are the top four legging trends you need to know all about. Following them will help you show some sass as you pull on those leggings.

1. Make a strong fashion statement

With the quilted glossy detailing on the thighs, knees, and shins, the high-waist moto leggings are perfect on and off the yoga mat.

Stirrup leggings, on the other hand, take the legging-over-heel look to the next level. Besides being trendy, they are super functional in terms of style and performance and keep the leggings in place. The burgeoning popularity of moto leggings and stirrup leggings is proving beneficial for leggings manufacturers all over the world.

2. Leather leggings for the win

To go for full-on glamour, top off sleek leather leggings with an oversized fur coat or stole.

For the ultimate 'It Girl' look, upgrade classic black leather leggings with a tank, duster jacket and high-top sneakers or pair with a velvet top and a stellar top.

A pair of leather leggings can also serve as a great option for work wear. Pair with a crisp blouse and a structured coat for a classy ensemble. As more women opt for leather leggings, women leggings manufacturers in India and all over the world are tapping into this lucrative segment.

3. Team it up with a white tee and bomber jacket

If there is one outfit that is never going out of style, it is a pair of leggings clubbed with a white tee. You can take that look up a notch by knotting the T-shirt and going for a pair of sporty sneakers.

Aiming for a cool twist? Reach out for a bright bomber jacket to layer your sweatshirt and leggings.

4. Printed leggings for a whimsical touch

Celestial-themed prints are a fashion girl favourite right now, and they add a fun touch to leggings. Neutral nature-inspired prints, on the other hand, look more subdued.

Bright and bold printed leggings can make you look great and help stand out from the sea of black yoga leggings.

These trends were huge hits last year and they will continue to dominate 2017. They will, in fact, influence the future for this piece from your wardrobe.

So, a little extra thought into can help you turn this athleisure staple into a style statement.