Zips are widely used while manufacturing all types of garments and commonly used accessories for many other items such as bags, shoes and tents. There are basically 2 main types of zips, that is, open end zip and closed end zip. They can be easily differentiated by observing their bottom stops.

If the zip halves can get separated from one another at the end, then it is called an open end zip. This contains the insert pin and box components. It is often found that the insert pin is on the right side while the box is on the left side. But in some case, the insert pin and box are installed vise versa, that is pin on the left side and box on the right side. Check out below images to gain a better understanding.


coil open end zips with the insert box and pin installed on different sides


In both cases, the zip falls into 2 halves when fully opened and detaches one side from the other.

If the zip cannot be completely opened, that is, the zip halves can not be separated from one another at the end, then it is a closed end zip.


  •       Open end zips are widely used in the application where the zip halves need to be separated completely from one other such as cardigans, sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, jumpers, hoodies, coats, jumpers, fleeces and many more.

  •      Since closed end zips can be opened partially, they are commonly used in application in our regular wear such as dresses, jeans, skirts, trousers/pants to many of the accessories like purses, handbags, luggage, pockets, sleeves, footwear along with tents and many more.


Depending on the materials used, open end zips can be categorised into metal open end, plastic open end and coil open end zips. Similarly, closed end zips can be divided into metal closed end, plastic closed end and coil closed end zips.

Based on the type of the function, both the open and closed end zips are further classified into various categories. This is applicable to metal, plastic and coil zips.

  •          One way open end zips

  •          2 way open end zips


These include 2 sliders. The zip halves could get separated from one another, like one way open end zips. You can find them on overcoats, heavy winter coats, long robes, etc.

  •          One way closed end zips

  •          2 way closed end zips

These include X shape with 2 top stops and O shape with 2 bottom stops. They include 2 sliders as well, just like 2 way open end zips. You can find them on luggage and bags.



2 way open end zips vs. 2 way closed end zips