Brief Introduction

Zippers are among the handful creations that have reduced human effort and time.

Maintaining the position of zippers is definitely a task. However hard it seems, there are various ways to keep the sliders from falling off the teeth. Stops are the elements that will help in keeping the zippers stable.

Function of Stops

Stops play an important role in maintaining the position of zippers. They help in keeping the zippers intact. Generally, stops are elements that will restrain the movement of the slider at the top and bottom of the zipper.

Top stops are attached to the top side of the zippers while bottom stops are placed on the bottom side of the zippers. Top stops are used for preventing the zipper sliders from falling off the chain while bottom stops are to prevent the movement of half of the zipper from separation.

Type of Stops

Stops are normally used in finished zippers. They are available in the market in various finishes and sizes. Dependent on the application of zippers, stops can be made of various materials including metal, stainless steel and plastic among others.

Stops of every kind perform the similar basic function regardless of the variations.


Zippers are easily repairable as long as its teeth and the tabs at the end are not damaged. Replacement becomes more essential if the teeth in the middle of the zipper are missing.

The installation of stops is an easy process. They can be attached or removed while sewing. There are also various tools in the market that are designed especially for fixing of zipper stops.

Precaution is necessary while installing zipper stops as they tend to slip and rotate, hence it becomes important to hold them firm. More importantly, it is always wise to choose reputed zipper factories that offer high quality zippers whose stops won't break or fall off easily. This will save you much trouble in the long run.


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