Zippers have a special place in the textiles and garment industry. They are elements which have utility depending on the need. With time, the importance of zippers is pacing up. They have become very common today yet are the most sought after element in the garment and fashion industry.

Zippers can be classified on the basis of various aspects including the producing method, the raw materials, the purpose for manufacturing and so forth.

To know more about zippers, it is good if we have a look into the history.

History of zippers

It was in the 19th century that zippers were invented as elements which can be used as an alternative to fasten garments. Credit for the creation of zippers should be given to the inventor of sewing machines, Elias Howe. The first zipper was quite similar to that of buttons. The process of development in zippers took effort and time. Initially, the teeth were directly inserted on the garment. Progress was made with time. The teeth were attached on a cloth tape which was then sewn onto a garment.

In the beginning of the 20th century, it was not easy getting zippers as the production was limited. Mostly, it was used as fasteners in the equipment useful for the soldiers in World War I such as their flying suits, life vests and money belts. It was after 1920 that the zipper became a commonly available commodity, and was accessible to the general public.

Manufacturing of Zippers

Based on the material and usage, there are various kinds of zippers such as metal zippers, polyester zippers, hidden zippers, open ended and closed ended zippers, etc.

The manufacturing processes for zippers vary on the basis of zipper material and functioning. However, their manufacturing all involves sophisticated techniques, which include but are not limited to

  •          weaving

  •          braiding

  •          mould processing

  •          dyeing

  •          stamping

  •          die-casting

  •          polishing

  •          electroplating/spray painting

Watch the video below to learn these tiny zippers are manufactured.

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