Zippers of various materials can be used in multiple products based on their utility. They form an integral part in the fashion world. Not only in the glamour world, but these fastening materials are found everywhere, from pants to sleeping bags and backpacks.

The market size for zippers is growing with each passing day. There are numerous zipper brands in various parts of the world. With the increasing number of zipper suppliers across the world, there is no dearth in finding zippers of your choice.

Below are the top 5 factors you must consider in order to select the perfect zipper suppliers.

  • Variation

  • Quality

  •  Creativity

  • Pricing

  • Delivery


Today, zippers have become a style statement. These unique fasteners add to the beauty of the products. To a large extent, buttons are being replaced by them. Always look out of suppliers which offer an array of zippers to choose from on the basis of your need.


Quality is of utmost priority here because you cannot afford the zippers to go wrong, especially when you are an established brand. Low quality zippers can become the most annoying things. Hence, it is advisable to purchase zippers of top quality. Always buy zippers that have quality certifications such as Oeko-Tex certification, Bluesign System, etc. as well as ISO certifications such as ISO 8000, ISO 9000, and ISO 14000 and many more.


Nothing is constant or consistent, especially if you are associated with the fashion industry. There is an increasing demand for innovation and creativity. Technological innovations not only ensure more efficiency and durability, but also contribute to more creative designs. Staying attuned to the ongoing trend in the zipper and fashion industry will help in making efficient purchase.


This depends on your budget. If you don't have a budget constraint, check and buy zippers from a trusted brand. This will avoid expenses on repairing or even replacement at frequent intervals, benefiting both you and your end clients in the long run. You should never choose any zipper suppliers that may offer lower prices at the expense of quality!


Placing bulk orders can be stressful; it requires ensuring that the orders are completed on time and according to your requirement. Carry out a proper research to know if a zipper supplier has a large production capacity to ensure the prompt delivery of large-scale orders.

In short, it is very essential to maintain a balance between variation, quality, creativity, pricing and delivery.


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