Safety is an important factor to keep in mind in different industries, and similarly the zipper industry is not an exception. Wearers' safety is also an essential aspect to consider.

SBS Zipper one of the top China coil zipper manufacturers in the world and we have designed a series of reflective coil zippers that can ensure the weavers' visibility in various light conditions.

As suggested by the name, the tapes of these zippers are attached with a reflective strip carrying glass bead via heat pressing. The colour on the side attached with the reflective strip is also darker for better colour fastness.

When reflective coil zippers are installed on the garments, they will produce a strong visual effect, enabling the wears to stand out and protecting them against danger in various light conditions in the daytime and at night.

Below are 5 guidelines you shall follow while using reflective coil zippers.


This kind of coil zippers are preferred for decorative applications, such as plackets, pockets, etc. They are highly suggested for the sportswear together with the child wear.

Either spray painted sliders or electrophoresis sliders work for reflective coil zippers. However, electroplated sliders don't work for them due to their rough and stiff inner cavity, and the mechanical wear and tear between them can lead to the damage or peeling off of the reflective film.

Cleaning and Washing

Avert direct contact between such cleaning agents as DJW, laundry detergents etc. and the zipper teeth during the manufacturing process to prevent the reflective film of the teeth surface from falling off.

Avert spraying those chemical agents used for removing oil stain, rust and dirt while manufacturing the bags, luggage and garments directly onto the reflective strip and metal components so as to prevent the decomposition and peeling off of former and prevent the oxidation and discoloration of the latter.

Halogen series dry cleaning agents will lead to the peeling off of the reflective strip. It is recommend to do a washing test. Garment manufacturers shall also include the washing instructions on the Care Label in case the consumers do washing incorrectly.


Avert corrosive or damp environment and prolonged exposure to sunlight directly.


Always keep the temperature of the iron below 100oC in case the reflective strip gets wrinkled. Avert direct contact between the iron and reflective strip.


Never pack the product until it is dried naturally. The plastic bags for packaging must be breathable in order to prevent the oxidation and discolouration of the metal components, and prevent the teeth elements from corrosion and coming off.


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