The overwhelming competition in this industry needs more than just a fabulous design. It demands noticing the needs and leaving an unforgettable imprint on its target consumers. Nabomita Das offers brief marketing insights

If you are passionate about fashion and have been in the business supporting the needs of another brand, starting your own label is probably one idea in your wish list now.

But while your drive is to become a 'go-getter', you may want to take a step back and evaluate before you conquer and win over the fashion world.

The overwhelming competition in this industry needs more than just a fabulous design. It demands noticing the needs and leaving an unforgettable imprint on its target consumers. This happens with efficient and practical marketing tactics, offering you both profit and the needed breakthrough for your new label.

Here are some basic marketing insights for your journey from conceptualisation to shelf.

Identify your uniqueness: Coco Chanel wisely quotes, "In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic."

If your strength lies in a typical product line that sets you apart, you would most definitely want to harness it. In this business, it is not coincidental to forever find yourself in rough competition. And therefore, to rise and survive, you need to recognise your niche and stick to it.


Work around your consumers: In his concept of the Golden Circle explaining the relationship between 'Why', 'How' and 'What', motivational author and speaker Simon Sinek says the key is to let your consumers believe in your purpose: the 'Why' factor of your label integrated with a story of 'How' you do it and 'What' you would offer in return.

While Apple Inc. is a great example for choosing this plan, it would be no different for your own label, guiding you right from pattern to price point.

Capture the essence of your label: You have put your heart and soul into creating your brand and this gives you all the right to flaunt it. With consumers spending hours on Facebook or Instagram, professionally shot product images with the right style and an appropriate story are a great way to connect and advertise through social media. Most popular brands like Levi's, Raymond, Michael Kors and Nike use memorable visual storytelling as a marketing tool.

Make digital media your weapon: You have identified your strength and your target audience and now it's time to leverage social media, blog posts, email campaigns and promotional content to maximise your potential.

With a huge and ever growing online engagement, using an appropriate channel will help you attract new and promising customers, encourage them to share your news feeds, increase traffic to your website and ultimately build brand loyalty. And if your budget is tight, then promotion through Facebook advertisements is a preferred tactic.

Explore e-commerce: An increasing number of people are satisfying their shopping needs with the power of a click like never before. Websites such as Shopify, Amazon, Squarespace and Etsy provide great scope to advertise and market your clothing line. This would mean increasing your brand's visibility, adding to its popularity and raising the probability of converting leads into customers.

Word of mouth: There are many ways to reach to the top but there aren't any shortcuts to a happy customer. It is for them that you fought all the battles and they are the ones who you would want to retain to support your brand image.

Eventually, a memorable shopping experience with attractive loyalty programmes, uncompromising quality and an excellent after-sales support is crucial for them to continue with you and share their impressive stories.



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