From colours to prints and fabrics to silhouettes, Nabomita Das Roy sneaks a peek into the trend forecast for FW 2018-19.

Fashion designers across the globe are gearing up to debut their creative instincts to set the grounds for latest trends to rule the coming fall/winter season and it's about time to start thinking about anything besides feeling dull.

Breaking the monotony of classic browns, beiges and rust in the usual cloaked look that was a tradition for the FW seasons, this year clearly aims at setting exciting, futuristic and experimental standards for fashion lovers.

From colours to prints and fabrics to silhouettes, here is a sneak peek into the trend forecast for FW 2018-19.

A futuristic colour scheme: FW 18 comes with a colour palette that is gender neutral and uncommonly infused with bright tones of scarlet red, warm hues of orange and earthy shades, magnetic blues, soothing neutrals followed by an ambitious approach as Pantone announces 18-3838 Ultra Violet, the colour of the year.

The forecast for the upcoming fall/winter is so diverse, unexpectedly full of contrast, that it gives a splendid opportunity to its consumers to play around with colours like never before.

Prints and Patterns: Who can imagine a world without prints today?

They are second best thing that follows colours and opens a whole new terrain to vent imagination on fabric and paper alike. This season typically attempts to reflect the mind-set of people like you and me who are looking for some reclusion from the digital world and crave to sublime into nature.

Hugely inspired from flora and fauna, floral patterns, organic lines, unrefined earthy textures, folk arts and celestial patterns appear to be the talk of the town for fall/winter 2018

More than just fabrics: Marc Jacobs rightly quotes, "Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them." and we couldn't agree more.

FW '18 chooses not to stay away from sustainability and reflects it with textiles being sourced from natural and recycled materials without compromising on luxury. With a spike in global awareness and the need for comfort engaged with style, this season will witness a more laid-back and casual approach.

Mixed yarns, soft bulky knits, trendy tweeds, herringbones, cotton, silk and with brushed wool in the limelight and velvets, polyester, nylon being used for a decorative drama, this season textiles are going to be more utility oriented than ever.

Technical textiles are no longer a surprise element in trend forecasts and it makes its way back again in FW'18 with high performance and stunning athletic wear and the launch of 'technical denim' by Levi Strauss as a show stopper for Project Jacquard.

Denims are being redefined with bold twills, washed and brushed effects, breathable and stretchable weaving techniques using cotton and recyclable yarns and the fancy for prints continues.

Also, the transformed denim being woven with a combination of elastomer, a polyester derived fibre imparting a satin glossy look and feel, is all set to make the ladies want to dine and shine even more.


Fashion beyond silhouettes: With a colour scheme and fabric selection so diverse and experimental, it is a no-brainer that styling and silhouette for this season would be any less.

Styles are completely inspired from what trend forecasters describe as being 'refined industrial couture' and unlike past seasons, AW'18 showcases both menswear and womenswear in casual contemporary wear prioritising comfort, without losing out on utility and luxury.

The use of traditional and heavy fabrics doesn't restrain designers from creating layers, patch works, padding and quilting with an overall soft and dense appeal. And while the classic passion for faux fur still continues, delicate embroideries, deconstructed looks, embellishments, decorative trims, beads and yarns are genuinely welcomed to add the glam touch.