The footwear industry globally uses various kinds of zipper sliders. Depending on function, zipper sliders for footwear can be classified into 2 types, namely, auto-lock zipper slider and semiauto-lock zipper slider respectively.

Auto-lock Zipper Sliders

Auto-lock zipper sliders are designed with a locking mechanism that is used to stop their up-and-down sliding motion unexpectedly. Such zipper sliders will stay put without sliding down the chain, unless there is certain force applied to the pull tab.

Semi Auto-lock Zipper Sliders

For semi auto-lock zipper sliders, if the pull tab is not lifted or raised to some degree for locking pin to be released, they will not slide smoothly. Such zipper sliders might not work well and there are chances that the teeth elements may get damaged easily while operating.

Purchasing Tips

Zipper type should be chosen properly while selecting the sliders for the footwear industry, together with the locking mechanism.

Coil and metal zippers are widely used in the footwear industry. They are selected in accordance to the shoe lines along with the functional or decorative purpose. Derlin zippers can also be used for footwear, although they are not widely used when compared to the former.

If the sliders are designed for metal zippers, then they must not be used for coil zippers or derlin zippers, despite being designed with the identical locking mechanism and vice versa, else the shoes won't work properly.

About SBS Footwear Sliders

SBS uses high-quality materials for manufacturing the zipper sliders for footwear, which in turn strengthens the body and ensures better physical performances, protecting them from distortion and misengagement. Various kinds of auto-lock zipper sliders are available for the footwear industry, although we don't provide semi-auto lock zipper sliders at the moment.