When the sewing threads, teeth and tapes of a coil zipper are dyed in different colours, it is called colour combination of coil zipper.

Given below is a user's guide to SBS Colour Combination of Coil Zipper.

1. Recommend Applications

The teeth of color combination of coil zippers are relatively hard after dyeing so single-side singe-stitch sewing rather than single-side double-stitch sewing is adopted. Therefore, the cross-wise strength performance of such zippers is weaker when compared with the regular ones. The sewing threads of these zippers are also more prone to bending.

Thus, colour combination of coil zippers are widely used in the apparel industry, ideal for pockets or plackets due to the decorative and aesthetic appeal they can achieve. However, these zippers are not recommended for products requiring strong cross-wise strength performance, such as trousers, boots and shoes.

2. Selection of Sliders

It is recommended to select spray painted sliders for these colour combination of coil zippers.

3. Use of Chemical Agents

It is recommended not to spray chemical agents used for removing rust, oil stains and dirt directly on the metal parts while manufacturing garments. This will guard the metal parts of zippers from oxidation and discolouration.

4. Packaging

Avoid packaging the products soon after ironing. The products must be dried completely. The plastic bags used for packaging must be breathable to prevent water vapour or gas accumulation. This will guard the metal parts from oxidation and discolouration.

5. Storage

It is wise to avoid exposing the products to strong sunlight for longer durations. These should also not be placed directly in corrosive or damp environments.

Please let us know if you have any further questions and we will be happy to assist.