SBS Zipper is proud to announce the release of Zipper Fashion Trend Report SS 2019.

As one of the leading zipper manufacturers in the world, SBS Zipper is always committed to follow and contribute to the latest trends in the ever-changing fashion world, and this report is released in response to the latest fashion trends for the upcoming seasons. While this report will cover the upcoming fashion trends in general, we will also address the specific trends for zipper designs as our specialty.

Below, we will present the key highlights in this Zipper Fashion Trend Report SS 2019.

Another Season for Retro
While retro designs have made the comeback as one of the leading trends for the last few seasons, it looks like the rising trend in popularity won't slow down in the upcoming SS 2019 season.

Retro designs will maintain the spirit of simplicity, while also focus on demonstrating the details. The unisex approach adds a touch of minimalism and modernity, similar to the trend of the 20th century.

Uniqueness and Simplicity
The pursuit of unique creativity coupled with minimalism will be prevalent in this upcoming SS 2019 season. The preference for uniqueness and simplicity has been really strong in the recent years, to answer the modern demands of the pursuit of personality.

This trend aims to avoid the stereotyped trends as we all try to look different than the rest in the world. This trend will be dominated by trendy, lightweight garments, and creativity in combination with personalization will transform each piece of the garment into a unique, personal fashion item.

Destruction and Reconstruction: Multiple Divisions
Multiple divisions in a piece of a garment will be this season's interpretation of deconstruction and reconstruction, a trend that has been prevalent in recent years. Layering and deconstruction are adopted in many different ways to produce a more charming ensemble and a new dimension of creativity.

Integration of Leisure & Dynamism
Multi-dimensional juxtaposition will be a trend to break away from traditionality. The integration of leisure elements into dynamic fashion designs will combine playfulness with visual shock.

Intentional Imperfection and Repetition

There is a rising trend for intentional imperfection, not only in the fashion world but in other fields of design. This avant-garde approach will give birth to unique fashion items highlighting gorgeous velvets, pointed styles, and the classic beauty of satins and silks. While these items can be overly confusing at first, they can be formal and practical.

Casual Sports
Diversification is the current spirit of the modern, globalized world, and it is shown in fashion with more open-minded designs. The casual yet sporty fashion items will be the answer to that embrace of diversification, while also highlighting confidence, personal identity, and innovative freedom.

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