Despite appearing as tiny garment accessories for fastening, zippers come available in a wide array of varieties. Depending on the materials, they can be divided into metal zippers, coil zippers and plastic zippers. And based on the functions, they can be grouped into invisible zippers, water resistant zippers, airtight zippers and so forth.

In this article we will talk about luxury zippers. including their types, end uses and manufacturing processes. Read on to learn more.

Type of luxury zippers

Contrary to the popular belief that luxury zippers are comprised of metal zippers, they also include coil zippers, plastic zippers and other varieties.

End use of luxury zippers

As indicated by the name, luxury zippers are high-end designs for use in luxury products, such as garments, shoes and bags. They are preferred for mid-end and high-end brands to add a fashion statement to the products.

Manufacturing of luxury zippers

The manufacturing process of luxury zippers differs from that of their counterparts, which results in higher cost.

Luxury zippers are manufactured out of high-quality materials, and are designed specially that corresponds to deluxe items, with the brand logo embossed on the slider or puller, etc. These zippers go through special processes and treatment, including extra care taken for quality assurance such as better smoothness or finish, longer service life and the like.

About SBS luxury zipper collections

SBS zipper is one of the leading suppliers for garment accessories in the world. And we have been listed as a top player in the latest Luxury Zipper Market Research Report 2017. Our luxury zippers include but are not limited to metal zippers, coil zippers, and plastic zippers.

We have a group of fashion designers who attend to details, as well as a professional research and development team committed to innovative products. This enables us to stand out among numerous zipper manufacturers and suppliers in the global market and helps us to deliver better services in terms of custom luxury zippers.