SAVIO has been a force in twisting technology since the 1950s, creating a wide range of two-for-one twisters for different market requirements. SAVIO twisting machines have continuously responded to the demands of customers looking for high quality but with a significant reduction in labour and energy utilisation. Besides, customers also place great importance on maintenance time and costs. SAVIO's response has been to create models with a high structural standardisation, but with a wide range both for feeding and spindle dimensions for every yarn type and count to optimise performance across applications. SAVIO has always offered state-of-the art electronic solutions to simplify operator intervention and reduce maintenance.

SAVIO India Limited

In 2008, SAVIO established its unit near Pollachi, India, for manufacturing two-for-one twisters with Italian technology. The aim: providing world class SAVIO products, both for the local and export market, from a modern manufacturing facility in one of SAVIO's key markets.

SAVIO India caters to the twisting market with SIRIUS, a high-end twister; and COSMOS, a simplified twister with fewer options but with the same working principle as SIRIUS.

SIRIUS - the high-end TFO twister

The new generation of two-for-one twister, SIRIUS, was introduced at the ITMA ASIA 2010 fair. The key features of SIRIUS are:

Electronic Drive System (EDS)

SIRUIS is equipped with independent motors and inverters which help in setting all process parameters via a touch screen, giving full flexibility to the operator.

The simple touch screen PC allows the mill operator to change settings easily - the operator can access every possible combination of parameters in order to reach the best output.

The spindle

The spindles have an optimised shape that guarantees less power consumption and maximum feed content. These spindles have lubricated top bearings that last a lifetime, with special dustproof protection. Yarn tension can be adjusted with six different positions - interchangeable spring pistons for different counts and materials.

Tangential drive

The tangential drive system offers less weight variation from package to package, along with a reduced noise level.

Package cradle

The package cradle is designed for optimum package formation and to eliminate package vibrations even at high take-up speeds. It requires no tools for settings.

The Duo Pot system

This new system has separate directions of the two yarns that only join at the point of control of the tension. The Duo Pot system uses standard packages 1o30' - 3o30' - 4o20' - 5o57 with a 152 mm traverse. An advantage of the Duo Pot is the flexibility to use different counts, materials and colours. It is equipped with a patented brake device that brakes the unwinding of the lower package as well in case of a yarn break in the upper package, so as to avoid twisting of only the single lower package yarn.

Furthermore a package lifting device, pneumatic threading, a second overfeed roller and a waxing device are optional features available to further turbo-charge the SIRIUS.