In 2011, Hi-tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. supplied draw line equipment including creel, draw frames, immersion baths, steam boxes, annealer, tow stacker, dryer etc., for use in polyester staple fibre production lines in Iran. Six years later, Hi-tech sent a professional after-sales service team to Iran for equipment inspecting, maintaining, system upgrading and personnel training. The team was not surprised to see that Hi-tech equipment was still in a good condition and was running well.

Hi-tech's senior process engineer inspected the whole draw line carefully and made useful suggestions. As is known, the 3rd draw frame and annealer are core machines for tow drafting effectiveness in draw line.

Hi-tech's mechanical engineer guided maintenance staff to inspect and clean the interior space of all drafting rollers of 3rd draw frame and annealer, and also to clean and replace new lubricating oil for the whole lubrication system.

Hi-tech's electrical engineer provided professional technical support to debug existing problems of operating system and control panel. An optimised version of operating system was upgraded successfully for better user experience in their future production.

All product indicators were improved significantly after Hi-tech team's effort. The Iran client was extremely satisfied and rated highly of Hi-tech's after-sales service.

Hi-tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. looks forward to supplying more high quality products and service to Asia market in the future.