Apart from the type of manufacturing material, a zipper may also make or break a handbag. However, it may seem tough to select the proper type of handbag zippers if you are newbies, due to the availability of a wide array of choices.

We are a professional manufacturer of various bag zippers--middle and high end handbag zippers in particular. Blow are the top 4 factors that you should consider while purchasing handbag zippers. They are also the most frequently asked questions by our clients. Hope this article will facilitate your purchasing experience.

1. What Type of Zippers Should You Choose?

Zippers are available in metal, coil and plastic types. The selection of zipper varies depending on the kind of application. Metal zippers are recommended for daily wear products like handbags and footwear. Coil zippers are suggested for office wear like skirts and blouses, and plastic zippers are recommended for down jackets, raincoats and sportswear.

2. Should You Choose Finished Zippers or Zipper Chains?

Zippers are available in either finished zippers or chain zippers.

Finished zippers are the readymade and pre-cut ones with a specific length, wherein all the basic components have been installed. The manufacturer just has to attach these zippers to the final product. They are not ideal for handbags in spite of their ease of use. This is because their pre-cut length restrains manufacturers from using them in various types of handbags.

On the contrary, zipper chains are then widely used in such cases as these can be cut depending on specific usage in a flexible manner.

3. Should You Choose One-way or Two-way Closed End Zippers?

Based on functioning, zippers can be grouped into open end zippers and closed end zippers.

Open end zippers whose both halves can come apart completely are suggested for sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and the like. Closed end zippers are recommended for products in which only partial opening is needed, such as pants, handbags, footwear, luggage and tents.

Closed end zippers are again classified based on the number of sliders used, including one way closed end zippers and two-way closed end zippers. As the name suggests, a one way closed end zipper is installed with 1 slider while a two-way closed end zipper is installed 2 sliders. Both types are seen on handbags. However, the two-way variety is more commonly seen on bags and luggage with longer opening.

4. What Type of Sliders Should You Choose?

There are 2 types of sliders based on the locking mechanism, namely, locking sliders and non-locking sliders.

A locking slider is characterized by a mechanism placed inside them which makes the zipper stay put unless the pull tab is being pulled. Such sliders are recommended for garments like jackets, sportswear, etc. They are not appropriate for the handbags.

A non-locking slider can slide freely along the chain and will not get locked. Such sliders are recommended for handbags, allowing the wearers to close or open the handbags more easily and quickly.