Metal has been extensively used in zippers, especially those meant for jeans, bags, shoes, jackets and other heavy-duty or decorative items.

Given below are the 5 advantages of Metal Zipper manufactured by SBS over other brands:

1. Flexible customization service. With strong R&D capacity, SBS can satisfy customer' demands for tooth shapes and tape colors.

2. High-quality zipper tapes. That SBS has specialized in manufacturing zipper and tapes for a few years ensures smooth functioning while sliding back and forth on the zipper chain.

3. Professional metal zipper manufacturing experience. High-end application suitable for jackets, luggage, jeans and bags is ensured. SBS has specially developed a production line of metal zippers for use in jeans.

4. One-stop manufacturing process. From metal wires to the finished zippers, SBS strictly controls the process and quality to ensure better physical performance that goes beyond the national standards and guarantee a longer service life.

5. Nationally accredited laboratory. Equipped with various cutting-edge experimental and inspection devices, SBS provides high-quality metal zippers which meet eco-friendly standards. These undergo stringent testing according to international standards and individual preferences.

SBS metal zippers are available with different teeth, gauges and finishes and display high resistance to laundering and have better surface finish.

But some metal zippers may need longer production time due to a few complicated manufacturing techniques. Their delivery time may also vary depending on the season.