Zenitex is an SME unit located in the fastest developing city of India, Surat

Zenitex is an SME unit located in the fastest developing city of India, Surat. Within a short span of a little over a decade, it has achieved noteworthy success in the industry, at a time when the textile domain in India was facing a downturn. Zenitex has accorded the unique attainment of "Green Energy" principle, and eventually triumphed by winning Best Industry of Gujarat, India and also won National Energy Conservation awards for three consecutive years.

Since the last decade, entrepreneur Viral Desai, CEO of Zenitex, implemented clever ways to power and profit using nature's gift. He believes that renewable energy has the potential to boost profitability of the business by being cost-effective in the long run. Today, the world is competing for to be the first in renewable-be it a solar powered airport or a country running completely on renewables.


Sustainability is becoming the key driver for all innovations. Sustainability offers two-fold benefits for businesses and consumers. Most of the global corporates and multinationals believe that sustainability will be critical for the future success of business. We need to shape consumer tastes and build stronger market for sustainable products. We need to train the employees regarding sustainability issues, and communicate with our investors to create a better understanding of its impact.

After winning the 'National Energy Conservation Award' and 'States Best Industry for Quality & Environmental Protection Awards', we were incredibly motivated and inspired to go beyond mandatory parameters and create new benchmarks in terms of sustainability and productivity. Hence we are proud to implement and introduce the 360 degree sustainability model at Zenitex.

We believe sustainable production and processing can help raise the living conditions of labourers and mitigate the negative impacts on the environment. Social conditions can be improved by implementing international standards and through learning mechanism. At Zenitex our sustainable programme works to improve labour conditions and reduce environmental pollution.

For better clarity vision and understanding for managing sustainability we follow a unique chart.

Main area of focus:

  •          Ensure workers' safety, EHS standards in the plant. Health, wellness and welfare of workers and their families.

  •     Minimise air, water and land pollution. Optimise resources, energy, water, chemicals, which sums up for energy conservation and environmental protection.

  •          And also ensure consumer safety and satisfaction.

  •          Green cover plantation on the campus and outside.

  •          Social responsibility/community welfare.


Vision and Agenda:

Vision and Agenda:

  •          Concerns and targets in terms of sustainability

  •          Measuring sustainability in textile wet processing.

  •          Living proof of sustainable innovation and implementation.

  •          Indigenous manufacturing of energy efficient and energy conserving machines.

  •          Value of water sustainability investments facilitated.

  •          Product and process development that enable us to conserve resources.

  •          Implementation of new processes in the plant.

  •          Being constantly active in social responsibility/community welfare activities.

  •        Relentlessly keep on planting trees and plants throughout our campus and throughout urban landscape wherever space is available for plantations. Horizontal space being a scarcity in the city, we are creating vertical gardens on our campus and we aim to make our campus the greenest SME campus in India.

  •        To implement energy conservation and environmental protection themes in all of our new projects/infrastructure to save energy and save trees.

  •          To involve youth/students by providing vocational training included in their syllabus and thus also empowering them and educating them on the vital issues of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection and indoctrinate in them the passion for Green Cover and Green Energy for a Green Future.

Achieving a greater level of sustainability takes time, effort, and sincere commitment. At Zenitex we have tried to initiate sustainable development and social responsibility/community welfare practices at all levels of the organisation. We understand the importance of preserving the only planet we have, and are pleased to celebrate its diversity.

The Following are the major activities done by Hearts@work (Zenitex) till now:

Social responsibility / community welfare initiatives:

  •          Rehabilitation of Jobless Diamond Workers - 2008

  •          Bikers Rally - Quit Tobacco Campaign - 2009

  •          Free Cancer Checkup Camp -2010

  •          Pink Ribbon Day - Pink Surat Campaign -2010

  •          World 'No Tobacco Day' -2012

  •      Breast Cancer Screening Camp was organised in Dang district of Gujarat, recognised the world over as one of the poorest tribal belts in India - 2013

Green cover tree plantation drives:

1. Plantation of more than 5,000 trees in Sachin GIDC Area

2. Plantation of trees on Zenitex campus, Sachin

3. Plantation of trees on Zenitex campus, Surat

  • Horizontal space being a scarcity in a city, they have created vertical gardens on their campus one of them being the biggest in the textile industry.

4. State-of-the-art New Green Office on the Principles of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection on our campus

The New Office is an example of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection initiatives followed by Zenitex

5. World Forest Day and World Water Day celebrated in a unique and first of its kind way in Surat, Gujarat, India

Celebrating "The World Forest Day", a Tree Plantation event was executed at Zenitex campus, wherein students visiting our campus for a course field trip were made to plant trees on the campus of Zenitex. Alongside celebrating "The World Water Day", the students were educated by taking them around the plant and showing them the Water Conservation techniques like water recycling, Rain Water Harvesting and Drip Irrigation system used by Zenitex. These activities (planting of trees and learning about water conservation) brought them close to Nature and inculcated in them the need of trees and made them pledge their support for the 'Go Green' world campaign to 'Save The Earth' (for complete details please visit our blog on www.zenitex.in or on www.heartsatwork.in).


6. World Environment Day 2016 and 2017

         Beginning on 5th June 2016 "World Environment Day", Zenitex launched "Clean India - Green India" drive, by planting 200 trees in an orphanage and then in the next phase some 20 km from the City in rural area they planted another 2,200 different types of trees for different landscapes with the help of locals and local organisations like this in 2016 as Viral Desai had pledged they kept on planting trees throughout the year and during this drive they planted another 8,000 trees and plants in various places. Apart from that, in the Green Walls they have planted 2,100 plants and another 950 plants and trees on their campus.

All the projects which have been undertaken at Zenitex and its Social Responsibility / Community Welfare foundation Hearts@work have been executed with the vision of implementing 360 degree sustainability.

Current world scenario of pollution, climate change, global warming, sustainability and its remedies implemented by zenitex:

Zenitex firmly believes that, gone are the days when Crude Oil was considered as Black Gold. The economics have changed. This Black Gold is the prime reason for deteriorating health of millions. Due to its consumption we face pollution of difference types.

Who can stop this pollution, global warming, climate change and other challenge or at least reduce it?

The answer is simple, WE CAN DO IT! What we need, is to realise and find an alternate source of energy. And then, we can reduce the use of current feed and start using "GREEN FUEL" and "GREEN ENERGY". Though the progress will be slow, the impact of it will not be visible, but surely it will make a difference.


The environment will improve; the air we breathe will be fresh and thus, will eradicate the major health issues by default.

Zenitex initiated the GREEN drive and has been extremely successful in achieving its goals of energy conservation. This drive was greatly appreciated and acknowledged by the Union and state governments, due to which Zenitex was showered with many awards in energy conservation.

The UNIQUE measures they have taken to promote ENERGY CONSERVATION and for ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION by technical upgradation are:

1. Investment in renewable sources of energy, i.e. Windmill generated electricity. Their entire plant runs on Green Energy produced by Windmill Generated Electricity. Thus, reducing the pollution and promoting a healthy ecosystem.

2. Rain Water Harvesting and Water recycling has been implemented to save water. Further they have implemented drip irrigation system to water the numerous plants and trees on their campus.

3. Exhaust fan in the factory constantly charged by wind power.

4. Installed Auto Fuel Feeding System to enable best combustion ratio.

5. In compliance with GPCB (which controls and monitors the pollution standards in the state of Gujarat) guidelines, have installed Highest Quality bag filter at the boiler. And also a water scrubber which operates by using the waste water, helping to conserve water.

6. Going a step further than their contemporaries, they will be very soon introducing Green Fabrics - 100% Natural Fabrics like, Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Banana, Bamboo/Flax, Beechwood/Cotton and Hemp for their new venture of Fashion Garments.

At Zenitex they believe that "ALL THE SPECIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO UNPOLLUTED AIR, WATER AND SOIL, IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THE HEALTH OF THE ECOSYSTEM". The long term goal of Zenitex is ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, which can be completely achieved in part through pollution prevention.

Zenitex believes that, though today, green energy or renewable energy for the whole civilisation may sound as a passage from a fairy tale, however, with inclination and enthusiasm this can surely come true.

What's more, not only is this transition possible, but it will create jobs and is cost-competitive. The investment is substantial, however, because renewables don't require fuel, they will more than cover the costs of the required investment.


Hence, they call on the people and announce that - now is the time for action - time to join the revolution - now is the time to act, to rise, time to wake up from our slumbers, gulp down some fresh air down our lungs and join the march towards the futur

Hence, they call on the people and announce that - now is the time for action - time to join the revolution - now is the time to act, to rise, time to wake up from our slumbers, gulp down some fresh air down our lungs and join the march towards the future and make it "GREEN" and we are confident that we will change the concept of something "Precious" to being "GREEN".

"GREENERY" is more precious than the Yellow Gold adorning our bodies, the reason being that if we exist and more importantly if we exist with good health, then only, the Yellow Gold will harmonise to adorn your personality, or else it doesn't suit the carcases.

ZENITEX stands for "GREEN", and for them "GOLD is GREEN".

From the CEO's desk

So much is said and done about the "Climate Change and Global Warming" that practically one gets lost in the texts written about them. However, on the ground, very little is being achieved. Climate Change and Global Warming are directly related to Sustainability. Sustainability of Businesses and more importantly the entire Human Race. In order to survive our businesses we need to survive in the first place. And Green Initiative, Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection are the pillars of survival.

The way Greenpeace is assisting a country like Greece by their initiative "Solarize Greece" crowd-funding campaign in order to help Greece get rid of the burden of fossil fuels that are holding it down economically and for Greece to fight its way back out of the crisis. We at Zenitex also would like some attention towards us in India. Where, in one corner of India, a Small Medium Enterprise, with its limited resources is ushering in a change, which, considering the size of Zenitex is a huge step. However, at Local, State, National and Global levels, these efforts have gone unnoticed. Motivation without resourceful support is like a handicap.

If we get support in the form of recognition from Fibre2Fashion which has its reach throughout the globe, it will be "A Super-Inspiring" platform for us to reach and conquer the second level which in a broader perspective will be a motivation for many more who do want to make a difference but have stopped in their path even before taking a step due to the fear and psychosis of what would one say if I do such a thing which normally people are not doing and with questions like, who will support me? And how far would I go?

With reference to an article in Times of India - Ahmedabad/Surat edition in 2016, wherein it was mentioned that "Industries across South Asian region are already deliberating on how to improvise processes and services to tackle climate change impacts. In fact, programmes such as Corporate Social Responsibility Act (CSR), Carbon Disclosure Project and India GHG programme that have the participation of leading companies", we would like to highlight that Zenitex is an SME with very limited resources, however, when it comes to Green Initiatives and CSR (or for us Social Responsibility / Community Welfare as being an SME, CSR is not mandatory for us) we have been doing our duty with great zeal and dedication.


We would humbly like to bring to the notice of the readers, that, so far the activities done by us in Social Responsibility/Community Welfare sphere are all record breaking feats and which are such miracles that even a company of a multinational stature

We would humbly like to bring to the notice of the readers, that, so far the activities done by us in Social Responsibility/Community Welfare sphere are all record breaking feats and which are such miracles that even a company of a multinational stature would feel proud of it. Now just imagine that these activities being done by a small SME unit in India.

This Year on 5th June 2017 - "World Environment Day", I have pledged that, throughout my life I would keep on planting trees wherever we can find space and will also take care of the same till it is self reliant. Moreover, in places where water is scarce we will assist them to install Rain Water Harvesting System and at required places will also help in installing RO Plant.

For me "Sustainability is ensuring the future of life on earth." And for this to happen what better way for us to start than to plant trees. Hence, I in my humble capacity would ask all like minded nature loving people to join this Green Drive for our future and for our generations to come.

"Come Let Us Plant A Tree and Give Birth To A Sustainable Future


Awards & achievements:

  •          National Energy Conservation Award for Three Consecutive Years

  •     The Best Industry of Gujarat Award for Quality & Environmental Protection by Government of Gujarat, Three Consecutive Years.

  •          National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship - 1st time for a Surat based entrepreneur

  •          Won The Health & Safety Award for 3 consecutive Years (2008, 2009, 2010)

  •          Outstanding Young Person of India (OYPI) for 2013 - By JCI

  •          Viral Desai was awarded Doctorate Degree in an International Convocation

  •          India SME 100 Award Winner 2013-14 - 2 Consecutive Times.

  •          Small Giants of India presented by the MSME Union Minister 2013

  •          The Rising Entrepreneur of The Year Award 2012 by Planman Media in Dubai

  •         Youth Icon 2012 - by Divya Bhaskar

  •          Outstanding Entrepreneur of The Year Award 2009-2011 by SGCC&I

  •        Mahatma Gandhi Sanman 2015 (Awarded to 20 Indians From Around The Globe) September 2015, at the House of Lords, London, UK presented to Viral Desai, CEO - Zenitex for The Outstanding Services, Achievements and Contribution towards Community Welfare

India Today - Make in India Emerging Entrepreneur Award 2016