Zenitex is an SME unit located in the fastest developing city of India, Surat

Zenitex is an SME unit located in the fastest developing city of India, Surat. Within a short span of a little over a decade, it has achieved noteworthy success in the industry, at a time when the textile domain in India was facing a downturn. Zenitex has accorded the unique attainment of "Green Energy" principle, and eventually triumphed by winning Best Industry of Gujarat, India and also won National Energy Conservation awards for three consecutive years.

Since the last decade, entrepreneur Viral Desai, CEO of Zenitex, implemented clever ways to power and profit using nature's gift. He believes that renewable energy has the potential to boost profitability of the business by being cost-effective in the long run. Today, the world is competing for to be the first in renewable-be it a solar powered airport or a country running completely on renewables.


Sustainability is becoming the key driver for all innovations. Sustainability offers two-fold benefits for businesses and consumers. Most of the global corporates and multinationals believe that sustainability will be critical for the future success of business. We need to shape consumer tastes and build stronger market for sustainable products. We need to train the employees regarding sustainability issues, and communicate with our investors to create a better understanding of its impact.

After winning the 'National Energy Conservation Award' and 'States Best Industry for Quality & Environmental Protection Awards', we were incredibly motivated and inspired to go beyond mandatory parameters and create new benchmarks in terms of sustainability and productivity. Hence we are proud to implement and introduce the 360 degree sustainability model at Zenitex.

We believe sustainable production and processing can help raise the living conditions of labourers and mitigate the negative impacts on the environment. Social conditions can be improved by implementing international standards and through learning mechanism. At Zenitex our sustainable programme works to improve labour conditions and reduce environmental pollution.

For better clarity vision and understanding for managing sustainability we follow a unique chart.

Main area of focus:

  •          Ensure workers' safety, EHS standards in the plant. Health, wellness and welfare of workers and their families.

  •     Minimise air, water and land pollution. Optimise resources, energy, water, chemicals, which sums up for energy conservation and environmental protection.

  •          And also ensure consumer safety and satisfaction.

  •          Green cover plantation on the campus and outside.

  •          Social responsibility/community welfare.