The recent years have seen nonwoven industry booming across the world. One of the most significant growths took place in China's spunlace market. Driven by the market demand, Hi-Tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (HTHI, also known as Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Engineering and Technology Co., LTD) has also made impressive advance in this field. HTHI adopted new technology and material and brought to market wide-width high-efficiency digital spunlace production line, with the maximal winding speed of 35 g/sq m plain cloth reaching 200 m/min and power consumption hugely reduced. Moreover, HTHI adopts IoT technology to allow realtime monitoring and remote maintenance, including troubleshooting, program upgrading and adjustment, etc.

As a leading spunlace equipment and solution provider in China, HTHI is also a major player in international nonwoven industry. Its nonwoven equipment has gone abroad as early as ten years ago, which is now still in good condition. So far, HTHI's nonwoven equipment has entered Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, South Korea, Mexico, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. Excellent and stable performance along with timely and considerate after-sale service has earned HTHI great reputation in these markets.

At present in nonwoven industry, HTHI is a supplier of complete spunlace production line, needle punching production line and hot-air production line. With higher speed and less power consumption, best quality and competitive price, HTHI is dedicated to create more benefit for customers around the world.