Water/airtight zipper is meant for preventing liquid and air leakage. What is the difference between it and water-proof zipper? There are possibilities of air leakage in waterproof zippers though. The technology used for manufacturing water/airtight zipper is the airtight or watertight teeth or element and the seal. Care must be taken while installing the water/airtight zipper as it is necessary to check whether the seal is installed properly to prevent leakage.

Various materials, such as nickel, silver, polyamide and polyester, are used for manufacturing the seal and the water/airtight zipper element. Thus, water/airtight zipper is generally divided into metal or plastic groups. But, we focus more on manufacturing metal water/airtight zipper due to its affordability and durability.

Water/airtight zipper is mainly applicable in heavy-duty equipment that requires pressure and liquid resistance. However, there are other applications of such zippers as well.

Protective and heavy-duty clothing: Water/airtight zipper is perfect choice for clothing equipment as both air and liquid resistance is essential there and it offers protection for maintaining comfort and aesthetics. Some other applications in this category are diving suit, heat-preserving suit, anti-hazardous suit, pressurized suit, submarine escape suit and radiation protection suit.

Military hardware: This zipper is used in aviation engines, aircraft, chemical clothing, launch devices, inflatable simulation models, weapons and ammunition, explosives and missiles.

Sports and leisure equipment: Most of the sports equipment need liquid and air resistance for better performance and comfort. Apart from sports apparel, water/airtight zipper is used in life rafts, hovercraft, hot-air balloons, sails, inflatable tents, water bed and water-walk balls.

SBS Zipper manufactures customized high-quality water/airtight zipper products and the sales team is available for assistance before purchasing the zipper type.