A small fastening device as zippers are, they do not look similar. These can be easily identified based on the material used, ranging from nylon to plastic or metals. Zippers can also be differentiated depending on their functions or purposes, such as airtight zippers, invisible zippers waterproof zippers and reflective zippers.

Luxury zippers are named so because of the material used as well as their functionality. These are specially designed to be paired with luxurious apparels and bags. High-end designs are expected with luxury zippers. For designer handbags, the luxury zipper puller is generally shaped like the logo of the brand or other unique designs.

Apart from design, these zippers are excellent in manufacturing quality and are expensive. The special manufacturing involves several steps involving human hand with attention to detail regarding extra smoothness, durability and better finish.

Metal zippers are popular in luxury clothing and bags as metal provides flexibility in designing. However, there are exceptions too.

Luxury zippers are preferred for high-end or mid-end bags and garments as the focus of these zippers is on fashion. These are specifically used to add nuance and fashion statement to products.

SBS Zipper has been following the management idea of 'Details Achieve Quality" with a professional research and development team, dedicated to technological innovation and product quality. The team has fashion designers, who pay attention to all the details. SBS also customizes zippers according to customer requirements.

Guidance for purchasing

1. The primary purpose of purchasing a luxury zipper is for fashion. Its design and type are selected depending on the product.

2. It is essential to check that luxury zippers are not just beautiful but also durable.

3. The teeth or element is as important as pull design, all of which need well-designed and durable.