Socks play vital role in absorbing moisture, says RK Jain

In the last few years, Indians have become very conscious about their health and fitness. From clothes to socks, people prefer wearing everything that does not harm their health in any way. Along with armpits and hands, sweat is accumulated on the feet; so it is crucial to keep one's feet dry, to combat any kind of bacterial infection. These infections lead to diseases like blisters, fungal infection, corns and calluses. Improper fitting of socks can also end up causing these bacterial infections. All those cracks and smelly feet are either a result of not wearing socks or wearing improper socks.

One of the major roles of socks is to absorb moisture. The foot is among the heaviest sweat producers in the body-it can produce over 0.12 litres of moisture per day. Socks help in absorbing this sweat and draw it to areas where air can easily evaporate the moisture. Finding the right pair of socks is not as easy as choosing the most expensive brand, more than being brand-conscious while choosing socks, one must make sure that these socks are comfortable, breathable and they should be well suited to the activity and use. Well-made socks serve as a gasket to help protect dynamic feet from static shoes. When one walks or runs, their feet expand, elongate and flatten out with each step; they return to their original shape and size during rest. Indian consumers keep plenty of things in their mind while buying socks nowadays like the length, material, type of socks, etc.

Socks play a very important role and come with few benefits for the consumers:

  •          Good pair of socks absorb the sweat and moisture

  •          They keep the feet fresh and comfortable

  •          The right pair of socks, prevent the feet from germs and blisters

  •          They reduce stress from feet and make the feet warm in winters and cool in summers.

  •          Socks also prevent the shoes from stains and germs.

Emergence of socks

Initially, socks were mostly worn with formal shoes or were a part of school uniforms, but now socks have emerged for health purposes and fashionwear. With the emerging technology, different varieties of socks are available, catering to individual needs. People who are very active and exercise regularly, will be highly benefitted wearing these healthy socks. Socks are available in varied lengths like:

  •        No-show or slip-on or ankle-length socks: Slip-on socks also known as no-show socks or ankle-length socks, form a thin layer and can be worn with loafers, ballerinas, boat shoes, plimsolls, oxfords, etc. Slip-on socks are perfect for people who don't prefer to wear socks as it makes the feet smelly. These ankle length socks also prevent the feet from shoe bites.

  •        Quarter-length socks: Quarter-length socks are a little above the ankle and cover the back of the feet properly to prevent them from blisters. Men wear these socks with formal suits for any professional meeting or work, whereas women wear these with the motive of protecting their feet from cracks. Men can always match the colour of their quarter-length socks with the colour of their trousers, to have a professional look.