Metal zippers are usually made of brass, aluminium, etc. Those metal elements are placed at regular intervals on both the sides of the tape. Using metal zippers incorrectly can cause malfunction or, at times, even shorten their service life.

Given below are some guidelines for using metal zippers.


Metal zippers are generally used in casual garments, apart from luggage and bags. However, such zippers cannot be used in curving applications as that may lead to uneven force on both the sides of the zip, which can cause deflection or looseness of the teeth and may at times affect the smoothness while the zipper is being used.

Selection of fabric

  •          Metal zippers in dark colour should not be sewed onto light coloured fabrics.

  •          Metal zippers should not be used for silk fabrics that are disposed to fluffing.

  •      Larger sized zipper (>4#) with Y-cut teeth should be chosen for heavier fabrics, almost over 12 ounce, to minimize the possibility of malfunction or damage.

Selection of sliders

It is wise to select electroplated sliders than spray painted sliders, whose painting layer will come off and zinc alloy will be exposed due to frequent friction. Then, that the exposed zinc alloy and the copper will produce an electrolytic reaction during the washing powder solution will finally changes the colour of sliders.


Chemical agents must not be sprayed directly for cleaning dust, dirt or stains during the manufacturing process of bags or garments on metal accessories to protect them from discoloration and oxidation.

Special wash

It is judicious to inform SBS Zipper whether the zippers will undergo a special wash process, such as enzyme wash and stone wash, so that SBS can carry out a sample test in that regard and also assess the zippers before bulk production.


It is recommended to avoid direct contact of zipper with iron. Besides, when ironing with high temperature, it is also essential to cover the surface of the teeth with a sheet of cloth or paper to prevent the protective layer from melting as well as from staining the garment.


  •          Avoid to packaging zippers soon after they are ironed.

  •     It is also better to avoid the use of non- breathable plastic bags for packaging to protect the metal accessories from discolouration and oxidation and save the teeth elements from corrosion and peeling off.


Storing of the products in damp or a corrosive environment and prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided at all costs.