Zippers function as basic requirements along with being a decorative part for countless products. However, they may not function well if subjected to improper treatment while ironing.

Given below are some adverse effects on zippers or their accessories if these are exposed to improper ironing:

  •          Some shrinkage can take place in the zipper during ironing. Zippers perform mischievously when exposed to high-temperature ironing - their teeth may soften and ultimately getting deformed.

  •          The protective layer present of the surface of the zipper teeth can melt if exposed to extreme heat or high-temperature, staining the fabric.

  •        The oxidation layer present in the metal zipper can stain the light-colour fabric if cloth is not arranged properly between the fabric and zipper before it is ironed.

  •          The zipper's waterproof membrane can fall or break or at times melt or bubble if directly subjected to high temperature beyond 150oC.

  •      The strip in the reflective coil zipper will be wrinkled if directly exposed to iron and also when subjected to high temperature beyond 100oC.

  •          The painting layer of zipper can peel off if it is exposed to the iron directly while ironing.

  •          The protective layer of electroplated zipper slider can be damaged if it comes in direct contact with the iron.

  •          The zipper slider can also break if ironed with excessive pressure.

  •      Ironing plastic zipper directly can cause overheating, resulting in distortion of the pullers. It can even lead the characters imprinted on zipper to come off.

Measures to Protect Zippers While Ironing

One has to be attentive enough while ironing to protect the zipper for extending service life. Chinese zipper manufacturer SBS Zipper shows the way

It is necessary to choose proper temperature for zippers while ironing. However, the temperature may vary from zipper to zipper, depending on its material type. For instance, the heat resistance of plastic zipper is 130oC, and 150oC and 160oC is suitable for coil zipper and concealed zipper respectively.

Please do not contact with zipper directly when ironing clothes. Make sure that zipper are zipped and placed on a horizontal surface. Then put a piece of cloth or paper between zipper and the iron and iron it less than 5 seconds each time, preventing zipper from deformation.

Last but not the least, do not package zipper immediately after ironing. Allowing it dry thoroughly is helpful to protect metal zippers from discoloration.