Aprons used by chefs are virtually ubiquitous. But, those are not as mundane as they might look, writes Mian Azhar

A quality apron is an essential cooking tool for every chef. It performs a variety of functions, from protecting the chef's skin and clothes from spills and splatter to keeping his or her tools within reach. A chef's apron is the ultimate tool for safety, cleanliness and efficiency.

That is why picking the best apron for the job is essential.

Here's what to look for when picking a quality chef's apron that is worth the money:

Comfortability: One thing is for sure: when it comes to any piece of apparel, comfortability is a must. All chef's aprons should be able to fit both small and large bodies in order to be considered comfortable. They should also come with adjustable neck and waist straps to ensure a perfect fit for anyone. No chef wants to wear an apron that is so tight it restricts movement and too loose that it comes undone while working-that will just make the chef less efficient.

Perfect Length: One of the essential jobs of an apron is providing protection. When working in a busy kitchen, spills and splatters are just part of the territory. To be the perfect length, an apron must be wide and extra long to provide adequate coverage for the chef's clothes and skin. That way, chef's don't have to worry about getting burned or their clothes looking messy (messy clothes are not a professional look).

Stylish: No one likes wearing ugly clothing, and the same can be said about aprons. Any quality apron that is worth the money should make the chef look stylish while also serving its purpose. Just because an apron is a tool, it doesn't mean that making one look fashionable should be thrown out the window.

Durable Fabric: Durable fabric is also a must for any chef's apron that is worth the money. As mentioned earlier, the chef's apron provides protection and it needs to withstand the occasional harsh condition of the kitchen rather than come apart after being exposed to a few spills, splatters, scratches and sharp tools. Look for aprons made from 100 per cent double-thick cotton or premium denim that are double-stitched to prevent fraying. These fabrics are durable, washable and offer the best dirt resistance.

Lightweight and Breathable: Lightweight fabric means the chef won't get weighed down in the kitchen, which is great for movement and preventing neck and back problems. Being breathable means the apron can be worn even when things get hot in the kitchen, as it will effectively deal with prespiration. All this also contributes towards maximising the comfortability of the chef.

Array of Pockets: A chef's apron with an array of pockets allows the chef to keep tools handy and whip them out when needed. Whether it is ingredients, spoons or recipes, a quality chef's apron worth the money should have pockets that are durable and deep enough to hold these tools easily and safely.

A chef needs a quality apron; it is an essential tool for meeting the demands of a busy kitchen. If any chef wants to get an apron of the highest quality, looking for the features outlined in this article will guarantee they get one worth the money at https://www.chefworks.com/aprons