Print is undoubtedly one of the most varied, creative and innovative industries in the world. Due to the different types of work on offer, one of the most diversified markets is textile print-ranging from t-shirts and dresses to soft signage and home furnishing.

DCC Print Vision is one of the most respected solution provider in the digital textile print market and is able to offer latest technology solutions for various textile print requirements. DCC in collaboration with Epson launched Monna Lisa Evo-Tre, a remarkable digital textile inkjet printer, in the Indian market to cater to various printing requirements of the industry.

Monna Lisa Evo-Tre revolutionised the textile market by offering a digital tool that could shift from the sampling phase to reliable industrial production. The Monna Lisa is an industrial inkjet digital textile printer jointly developed by Epson and the leading Italian textile manufacturing equipment manufacturer Robustelli srl.

Epson provided Robustelli with inkjet technology such as Micro Piezo printheads and ink supply mechanism components, enabling the two companies to commercialise a digital textile printer that can handle volume printing.

Combined, the printer and ink enable the beautiful gradations and colour reproduction typical of inkjet printing, with the flexibility to print on a range of fabrics including silk, cotton, nylon and polyester. In addition, in the high-quality mode (1200 dpi - 4 pass), it achieves high-speed printing of about 147 m2/ hr with 32 printhead model. Monna Lisa Evo-Tre 16 printhead model offers high speed of 63m2/hr with high resolution printing (1200 dpi - 6 pass) and with the robustness to operate around the clock, it offers high productivity for volume printing.

The Monna Lisa's success is due to several factors. Not only is its quality and reliability crucial, and the printheads, inks and mechanics unique, continuous research ensures its excellence.

Monna Lisa is a viable alternative for the textile market due to several key characteristics including reducing production time, ability to print on any type of fabric or using any design variant. It is possible to streamline sampling and prototyping production at a drastically reduced cost and with the best quality. Lower energy and water consumption make it a cuttingedge printer in the extraordinary evolution of printing technologies used in the textile industry.

Epson's belief in the potential of textile printing is based around a shift in the industry from analogue to digital techniques. While traditional analogue printing techniques require plates to be pressed against the fabric, digital techniques mean that fabric can be printed out without the need for expensive plates. This ensures that digital textile printing can be achieved at lower cost and in shorter times.

About DCC

The DCC Group, established in 1978, is one of the most trusted textile printing solutions brands. The company provides complete solution for decorative fabric printing for textile, garment, fashion apparel, sportswear, home textile and soft signage. It offers a complete range of printing products under one roof from various printing machines to printing inks; from transfer papers to even the software required in a printing unit for digital printing, sublimation printing and screen printing technology. DCC also provides technical training and application support for printing requirement. Representing 20 international brands, DCC group has successfully made a mark in the global marketplace too.