What makes a superstar among a bunch of stars? The ability to stand out, punch above its weight, and stand the test of time. LMW's autoleveller Drawframe LDF3 is a veritable superstar in its segment, which has been winning hearts across the country ever since its launch in 2017.

Loaded with features, and yet compact and minimalistic to the very end, the LDF3, goes that extra mile in packing all the goods, to emerge as the winner in all applications.

Here are the three primary reasons why customers choose LDF3 over formidable, international competition: The ease of use, the economic value, and the efficiency during its operation.

Easy to use:

LDF3 machines are designed, developed, manufactured and installed at customers' location with unwavering focus on the end user's ease-of-use. The machine can be customised to fit according to different platform arrangements and space constraints.

The machine is designed to keep it running with minimal interventions, with several of its integral parts requiring little to no maintenance efforts, thanks to the technologies employed. For instance, the elimination of gearbox to transmit the drive simplifies and enhances the operation. The newly developed top roller end bush with sealed bearings and lifetime greasing ensures user friendliness by avoiding machine downtime for lubrication. Self-cleaning top roller strippers automatically lifts periodically to remove the accumulated fluffs and accumulations in the draft zone, increasing overall cleaning efficiency.

LDF3's flexible and unique 4-over-3 S Draft system helps process wide variety of materials at maximum delivery rate. With a touch of a screen, an operator can quickly change silver hanks without changing wheels.

The machine also has pneumatic SP Smart auto-piecing technology that eliminates manual piecing after breakages, ups quality and saves time. There are options of separate drives for coiler and can drive through a dedicated motor. This comes handy for customers who have frequent process changes. Even manual setting of levelling action point is eliminated by automating it, ensuring an error-free run.

Economic value

The highly economic Drawframe LDF3 has been designed to work up to delivery speeds of 1,100 meters per minute. Servo drives deliver the best quality of output sliver. Its highest degree of duo digital autolevelling efficiency gives the right quality of output sliver every single time. The LDF3 has stainless steel coilers for synthetic fibres. This unique design requires only the coiler cover plate to be changed, instead of the entire coiler, saving a lot of money in the long run.

LDF3's thoughtfully added value additions serve to increase the economic value during long-term operations. Thanks to LDF3's Kinetic Back-Up Technology, operators need not worry about power fluctuations and voltage variations. Stored kinetic energy compensates for these variations, and brings the machine to halt without any disturbance to the autoleveller settings. And when the power supply resumes, a smooth restart ensures zero material waste.


"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort," said social thinker John Ruskin. The LDF3 sets new benchmarks in quality. It delivers high accurate output by precise measurement of the input sliver, and transmits those signals to drives, where they are used to effectively reduce variations in output quality.


The LDF3's quality monitoring system (QMS) improves user-friendliness, and enables constant monitoring of sliver quality and provides all technological support to the operator, ensuring top notch quality. The LDF3 also comes integrated with a gearless drive that eliminates main draft change pulleys and facilitates main draft adjustments through display. QMS monitors all important parameters such as sliver count and evenness values. While spectrogram analysis ensures every variation is detected, monitoring of the system's thick plate helps achieve high productivity on post-drawframe processes.

Overall, the LDF3 offers the best experience for textile manufacturers who are looking for the highest efficiency at lowest running costs in a set-up that is easy to use and maintain. LMW's autoleveller Drawframe LDF3 has been received by the industry with great enthusiasm and positive feedback, and has already been providing measurable benefits to customers.

The drawframe could be connected to an external source and the machine specific data could be retrieved for further analysis requirements.