Bengaluru headquartered IIGM Pvt Ltd is the largest marketer of apparel production and ancillary related technologies in India. IIGM also supplies electrical distribution equipments and goods, air cooling solutions, skylights, HVLS fans, etc.

To supply these technologies and products, IIGM has partnered with 45 Indian and global companies-all of them leaders in their respective categories.

IIGM manages 15 offices across India, with more than 500 employees on its rolls and boasts of over 25,000 satisfied customers. All of this has been achieved in a span of four decades, which speaks volumes of the growth record and success of India's foremost technology and service provider.

In order that customers are delivered a delightful experience, IIGM offers various training programmes for its customers. It has also perfected its supply chain and logistics and created abilities to provide products through direct shipments from overseas principals, bonded warehouses, and duty paid goods.

The IIGM core teams manage each vertical with a dedicated group of sales, application and services professionals. IIGM has developed the ability to service customers ranging from small companies to the largest groups across India, Middle East and parts of Southeast Asia and makes use of the latest technologies to enhance deliverables and satisfy user experience.

IIGM represents principals who offer technologies across the whole spectrum of the apparel production chain. Apparel technologies on offer begin from product development, cutting and fusing, sewing, midprocess, washing, embroidery, printing, finishing, attachments and productivity aids, automation and end with after-market spares and consumables.

Apparel production technologies:

Within Product Development for apparel production facilities, IIGM offers technologies from Gerber Yunique Solutions, US, which include products for product lifecycle management (PLM), plotters, digitisers and CAD automation.

Within the Cutting and Fusing category, cutting solutions are available from Gerber, while semiautomatic machines are from Eastman, US. Fabric inspection machines are supplied from C-Tex, UK and fusing machines from Hashima, Japan.

Material spreading technologies are on offer from Gerber Technology, rib cutting machines from Svegea, Sweden, manually operated cutters are from Eastman, while bias slitters and strip cutting technologies are available again from Svegea.

Within the Sewing Machine category, IIGM represents global giants like Juki, Yamato and Jack. Between these companies, all kinds of stitching machines like single needle lock stitch machine, double needle lock stitch machine, blind stitch machine, post bed machine, coverstitch/flatlock/interlock machine, button stitch machine, flat seamers, over lock machine and many others are available.

In the Mid-Process category, collar preparation, sleeve placket preparation, shirt cuff preparation, pocket preparation and front placket preparation machines are available from Ngai Shing, Hong Kong.

In the Washing category, speciality chemicals for textile wet processing are offered from Maple Solutions, Canada, dry process machinery from Metod Makina, Turkey, while automatic washing equipments, hydro extractors, industrial drying tumblers, industrial dry cleaning and industrial washing machines are supplied from Realist, Turkey, Ngai Shing, Hong Kong and XCEL, India.

In the Embroidery category, embroidery software is offered from Wilcom, Australia, whereas sequin embroidery, single head embroidery, multi head embroidery and special application embroidery machines are supplied from Barudan, Japan.