Embee will be introducing their latest, one of its kind textile machinery innovations in EXINTEX 2018, booth no. 1019. This exhibition will be held from October 2-5, 2018 in Mexico. Their latest innovation is deep rooted with their vision which is to be the most trusted global leader in innovative technological solutions which are focused on Higher Efficiency and Returns for sustainable growth of all the stakeholders.

Established in 1956, Embee is involved in trade and business with more than 35 countries worldwide. With nearly 30 years of export experience, Embee is government certified One Star Export House and also a reputed name across the globe.

Infinium - Embee's textile rotary screen printing machine is a perfect solution for modern day textile printers who are facing number of challenges today and who are demanding a state of the art machine which gives high accuracy, sharp printing results, high volume, high speed printing and all combined in one package.

Laserbird - Embee has introduced one-of-its-kind revolutionary laser stripping machine which uses laser technology instead of conventional technology for stripping the rotary screen to reuse it. Lowest screen cost, no hazardous chemicals involved, lowest stripping cost, energy saving, zero pollution, zero maintenance and fastest payback are the major USPs of this revolutionary product.

Smart Color - Embee provides a complete package for colour kitchen systems with semi-automation system. Today, the trend is changing. Some of the key benefits of SmartColor includes greater consistency in batch to batch colour and paste preparation and removal of human error. No spillage, clean and dry colour kitchen area, lowest space usage, high efficiency and productivity are also the other benefits. Centralised control, reports on daily, weekly and monthly production, enables greater efficiency and management of resources. Smart Color is one step ahead of manual colour kitchen Systems.