Savio Macchine Tessili Spa is a hundred-plus years old company, established in 1911 at Pordenone, Italy. Savio is the first manufacturer to come out with a breakthrough concept for energy saving in winding: suction on demand.

Savio introduced the new concept winder EcoPulsarS at ITMA at Milan, Italy, in 2015. The unique EcoPulsarS is designed to save up to 30 per cent of the energy used to wind yarn. The EcoPulsarS has no common suction fan - which in the case of conventional automatic winders works all the time and is an energy guzzler. Instead, in the EcoPulsarS each individual spindle has a small suction fan and a waste collection chamber which work only when the yarn end breaks. In other words, when the productive motor (drum motor) is in normal operation, the suction motor does not operate, resulting in significant savings in energy.

In addition, unlike conventional automatic winders with common suction fans, the EcoPulsarS does not need any trench for hot air discharge, which results in reduced civil work for EcoPulsarS installations. Instead, suction is generated close to the application according to the requirement in all spindles, the preparation station, the stripper area, etc.

General features:

  • Flexible cycle - independent operation of upper arm, lower arm and splicer

  • Intelligent on/off modulation - anti-patterning device that works only on critical diameters

  • Tensor - online tension monitoring system

  • Integrated panel - with 15" monitor

  • Possibility of centralised monitoring

  • High speed preparation stations

  • Intelligent feeding system

  • Modular layout - possibility of providing second station in between the machine for proper distribution of cops


Exclusive features of EcoPulsarS

  • Suction on demand - individual suction arrangement - offers up to 30 per cent power savings

  • Increased productivity - up to 10 per cent

  • No common suction fan and so no exhaust trench required

  • CCS - Controlled Cut System - for less/no repeat cycle

  • High suction pressure on consecutive attempts

  • Flexibility of positioning wax - above/ below clearer

  • MESDAN 985 - newly designed air splicer - with 2 air controls

  • Double damper tension device - with finger system; more precise and effective

  • Cyclone waste collection - not disturbing production; no need to stop machine for cleaning

  • New designed heavy duty cradle with touch sensors

  • LED illumination for faster reach and identification

To maintain high quality standards, most of the components used in the Savio winders are manufactured within the Savio group:

  • Drum, twin splicers from Savio

  • Electronics and PCBs from Eutron

  • Electronic Yarn Clearers (EYC) from Loepfe

  • Air, water and thermal splicers are from Mesdab

  •      Monitoring software from BMS Vision