Embee Group, a leading manufacturer of the complete range of rotary printing machinery systems, received good business leads at CAITME 2018 which was recently held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The company promoted its new innovations like servo individual drive system in rotary screen-printing machine, semiautomated Color Kitchen systems and LaserBird, a non-hazardous, chemical free screen stripping by laser technology.

Ambassador of India to Uzbekistan Vinod Kumar at Embee's booth at CAITME2018

InfiniumiD is an ideal option for customers who prefer individual drive system. It fulfils customers' all expectations about printing machine such as flexibility, energy efficient, perfect print fitting even in long printing runs, easy repeat settings, touch screen interface and many more. InfiniumiD is the company's best-selling premium product.

Smart Color - Embee provides a complete package for colour kitchen systems with semi-automation system. Key benefits include greater consistency in batch to batch colour and paste preparation, and removal of human error. No spillage, clean and dry colour kitchen area, lowest space usage, high efficiency and productivity are the other benefits. Smart Color provides centralised control, and reports on daily, weekly and monthly production which enables greater efficiency and management of resources. Smart Color is one step ahead of manual Color Kitchen Systems.

Embee has also introduced a revolutionary stripping machine - LaserBird! A non-hazardous, chemical free, hassle free and economical rotary screen stripping alternate to the conventional hazardous way. Further, the cost for laser stripping is lowest and it is the most economical way of stripping the screens quickly.


"Embee received good business leads and increased its market share in Uzbekistan," Harsh Shah, MD and board member, Embee Group, told Fibre2Fashion. Earlier the company focused solely on becoming cost efficient, but now it is also focused on becoming pioneer of new concepts and innovations, achieving stateof-the-art quality and adding more value to the products. The company aims to have a base of happy 10,000 customers by the year 2026. It hopes to maintain the growth momentum and even increase it by going with its motto of innovation, efficiency and growth-'Keep producing innovative and efficient products and grow in the customer base.'

"This is the second time we are participating in CAITME and the response was even better than the last time. Since we are into this industry for more than six decades, we have a well-established market in Uzbekistan and hence many directors and top level executives took special time and visited our stall," said Shah.

Embee is deep rooted with its value which revolves around innovation, efficiency and growth. These are values that the company has endured through the 60 years of time and will continue to do so.